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Small airport, big costs

ON A recent Thursday night, following all the weather delays, I had to collect a passenger off the Manchester flight which finally arrived at 00:30 (Well done, Aurigny). There were five cars there to collect passengers, no taxis and no buses.

Flight path changes remain unexplained

ON 25 August 2013, significant changes occurred to the lives of residents living to the south-west of the airport runway. Aircraft heading north to the UK started flying much closer to those living in the area and aircraft heading south suddenly started turning much earlier and over properties not previously affected by airport operations.

Plane crash pollution

The Channel Express Fokker F27 cargo plane crashed near Forest Road on 12 January 1999 killing its two pilots. The chemicals in the firefighting foam used on the scene have since contaminated the site, although authorities insist it has posed no risk to public health.

TRACES of harmful chemical PFOS, sprayed onto a plane crash site on Forest Road, has been polluting the Petit Bot stream and affecting milk produced by cows grazing there for the last 14 years.