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Barcelona or bust...

I UNDERSTAND that Aurigny has recently announced new routes to Luton, Leeds Bradford and Norwich which, during my long service in ground handling at the airport, have all been trialled and failed by previous airlines over the years.

States not discussing island’s most important issues

OVER the years I have, like so many others in Guernsey, become disenchanted with the government of Guernsey. Few deputies have any real ideas about how to look after the islands and its people and those few are held back by those who seem to be blocking progress and adaptation to circumstances.

Northern light on horizon

CONNECTIONS, as they say, are everything, so Aurigny’s planned launch of a new service to Leeds is a significant development in the island’s bid to grow profile on the destination map. The recent IoD debate revealed the crucial role tourism will need to play, now and in the future, as the Bailiwick moves towards an increasing reliance on this revenue stream to help drive the economy.

Airport exercise

The States have agreed to investigate the commercialisation of Guernsey Airport.

ISLANDERS, passengers and airport staff are being advised that there will be increased emergency services activity at Guernsey Airport this evening as part of an exercise. The full emergency exercise is being staged from 9pm to about 10pm.

Air links panel rejects open skies policy


AURIGNY, the airport and Guernsey’s air licensing authority should be better used to improve Guernsey’s air service, Scrutiny Committee air links panel chairman Paul Le Pelley has said.

Alderney let down by Aurigny’s ‘shoestring’ service

AS LONG as the management at Aurigny are allowed to continue with their starvation diet of service, the barometer of Alderney and our economy will continue to free fall. Certain departments in the States of Guernsey are failing to grasp what is happening here. It is very, very serious, and in letting Aurigny have a seemingly free rein with the Alderney link they are, in fact, fiddling while Rome burns.

Air links service level agreement welcomed

Alderney Airport

ALDERNEY States members welcomed the likely introduction of a service level agreement on air transport links in and out of the airport, set to form one of the planks of the States of Guernsey’s response to January’s requete.

Airport legal battle cost £500k

The Guernsey Airport terminal building under construction in 2003. The project ended up going nearly £7m. over budget, leading to a long battle by the States to try to get compensation. (Picture by Brian Green, 6307152)

AN UNSUCCESSFUL legal battle attempting to claw back money from the airport terminal overspend has cost the States nearly £500,000.