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States needs to admit its new labour laws just aren’t working

HAVE you noticed how some people in the States find it impossible to say sorry or even be wrong? The island has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on so-called experts to tell us how to run the island, yet will not listen to the free advice of on-island experts in the hotel catering trades. These people are at the sharp end of the new labour laws and they are saying these laws are not working. Still they sit at their desks insisting that they are right.

‘Embarrassed to ask for my money’

A MADEIRAN man who lives and works in the island feels discriminated against after his bank would not let him take out his money without proving what it was for.

G20 summit crucial in EC plans on banks

NEXT month’s G20 meeting in Toronto will be key in establishing how the European Commission’s plans for a levy to insure against future bank failures might be implemented.

Be careful where you move it

Money in a UK bank might currently seem safer but do not forget the tax implications, writes Graham Parrott of Ernst & Young.

New rules will follow this chaos

THE nationalisation of Bradford & Bingley this morning hammers another nail into the coffin of the freewheeling financial world of the boom years.