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Beau Sejour chicanery discredits FTP

TO RECAP: Consultants brought in to help pull the island out of its financial black hole identify opportunities to save £31m. a year through States efficiencies. As and when these ideas come to fruition, the consultants get a cut of the savings.

Beau Sejour flumes are coming down


HIGH maintenance costs and declining interest were the main reasons behind the flumes being removed from Beau Sejour, the Culture & Leisure minister has said.

Boxers stage great escape


IN a magnificent fightback, Guernsey came from 5-0 down to claim a draw with Hull at the Amalgamated Boys Club Open Show at Beau Sejour on Saturday night. Here are some of the images. Pictures by Adrian Miller. Full two-page coverage in today's Guernsey Press. To order pictures go to http://guernseypress.e-printphoto.co.uk/

Guernsey Press told to leave creche meeting

Jane Lavin, who attended the meeting with 10-month-old son Jamie, was among those who expressed concerns that the Guernsey Press was excluded from Saturday's consultation meeting. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 1321545)

BEAU SEJOUR creche users have questioned the openness and transparency of the Culture and Leisure Department after it refused to allow the Guernsey Press to attend a consultation meeting.

Beau Sejour creche petition is removed

Paula Manning with her 16-month-old twins Harry, left, and Archie and two-year-old son Jack. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1320817)

PARENTS were outraged yesterday after the Culture and Leisure Department removed a petition to save Beau Sejour’s creche and told them to set up a Facebook page instead.

Outsourcing Beau Sejour 'a disaster for the arts'

Dennis Burns

THEATRE is the cultural heartbeat of the island and is just as important as the hospital or airport, Gadoc chairman Dennis Burns said as he warned that outsourcing Beau Sejour would be a disaster for the arts.

The test of resolve has just begun

WHEN the Culture and Leisure minister  dismissed the value of exploring whether a third party could run Beau Sejour and other leisure facilities more efficiently than the States he may have been off piste when it came to the commitment to the island’s financial transformation programme – but he was speaking from the heart.