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Scrutiny’s investigation into States charges timely

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After 10 years of unchecked dipping into the public’s pockets, a fresh look into the impact of increases in States fees as part of a review of in-work poverty will take place – a welcome move that will hopefully prove to be the catalyst for informed debate and highlight whether the States is achieving a fair balance

Eisteddfod 87: let the show begin

ONE of Guernsey’s great success stories gets under way today with the 87th edition of the Guernsey Eisteddfod Festival. Apart from the Second World War, a festival has been held in the island every year since 1922, giving tens of thousands of talented islanders their chance to shine. It is a remarkable legacy, which is all too easily taken for granted.

Safety and numbers


They’d started so they had to finish the Salerie cycle path job. But why didn’t Environment get the ‘audit’ and ‘afford it’ the right way round, wonders Neil Ross’ Emile

A centre of community for 40 years

SEEING many roll back the years at Guernsey’s 40-year-old leisure centre this weekend helped exercise the mind as to what would have happened had the facility never been built. As has been well-documented, the island’s only community centre almost didn’t open its doors in December 1976. Despite widespread public excitement about a scheme mooted 10 years before, when Guernsey’s Sports Council was formed, there was much vocal opposition about its affordability along the way.

Scrutiny must ask the right questions

AT LEAST two committees are under the microscope today. Policy & Resources may be giving the answers but the Scrutiny Committee is also under pressure to ask the right questions at the latest of its monthly hearings. It is not an easy task. The huge umbrella mandate of Policy & Resources heightens the danger of the two-hour question and answer session skipping lightly from one major topic to another.

Dragon helps Gadoc’s Shrek ‘raise the bar’

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A DRAGON has made the leap across the Channel to star in Gadoc’s sell-out Easter production, Shrek the Musical, which sees ‘the West End come to Guernsey’, according to the show’s director.

Beau Sejour chicanery discredits FTP

TO RECAP: Consultants brought in to help pull the island out of its financial black hole identify opportunities to save £31m. a year through States efficiencies. As and when these ideas come to fruition, the consultants get a cut of the savings.

Stones tribute band marks 50 years

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THE music of The Rolling Stones echoed around Beau Sejour last night exactly 50 years to the day since the iconic band played in the island.

Beau Sejour flumes are coming down


HIGH maintenance costs and declining interest were the main reasons behind the flumes being removed from Beau Sejour, the Culture & Leisure minister has said.