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GST refuses to go away quietly

LIKE a spectre at the feast, GST dominates all aspects of the personal tax review, despite being supposedly killed off before its publication.

Mass exodus is on the cards

A FEW months ago, I sat through a presentation by Gavin St Pier on our economy at Moore’s Hotel, as did others, and in the presence of the chief minister.

Think of long-term effect on families

I HAVE read with interest the Budget proposals released on Wednesday and would urge all deputies to think long and hard and consider the impact of these proposals on the families of the island before approving them without challenge.

Opportunity lost to clear the air on FTP

THE States cost-cutting drive has been tainted by revelations about some of the projects that have been included. Among them are a budget transfer from one department to another and scratch card sales.

Doubters must not delay change

IN FEBRUARY this year, Policy Council and Treasury committed to making savings of at least £31m. annually by the end of 2014.

Budget is on track to end the deficit

ANYONE looking for an exciting 2014 Budget from Treasury and Resources today will be disappointed. But its lack of surprises is also its strength.