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Plan does not help shift silo spending

THE elimination of wasted effort and prioritisation of workload is a mantra that runs through the Policy & Resource plan like a stick of rock. From the executive summary to its ninth appendix – devoted to the culling of redundant States resolutions that committees say are no longer needed – the drive is towards focused government. In the new streamlined States there is no place for such things as vestigial resolutions – some of which date from a decade back – clogging up the works.

Scene already being set for savings battle

THERE are signs of a darkening mood when it comes to making further savings in the States. Two of the biggest spending committees have gone on the record in the last fortnight with political comments that are setting the scene for a potential showdown with Policy & Resources about the way forward. Home Affairs and Health & Social Care are in different places when it comes to showing they are providing the taxpayer with value for money.

Timely delve into fees and charges

The user pays principle has been adopted with vigour by the States driven by ever tightening finances. But the drip drip drip of these charges comes with a fear that they will eventually collectively spill out and overwhelm those in society who are just about managing financially. This will be one of the topics the Scrutiny Committee review of in-work poverty will delve into it.

Health to be called to account

Health & Social Care needs to deliver if the States is ever to get its spending under control. There has been a shift in expectations in recent years with the purse strings being loosened for its budget and more confidence that the team in place will be able to make the multi-million savings in the future that have been identified. It is fast becoming time to come good on those expectations.

A lot of money spent on a simple project

I READ with utter amazement the fact that what should have been a very simple and straightforward alteration cost £130,000 rather than the £50,000 budgeted. I believe that the new system is sound and works well but cannot understand how such simple work should even have cost £50,000. It only serves to illustrate the incompetence of those involved, who should now consider their positions very carefully. If responsible politicians and civil servants cannot even budget properly for something as straightforward as this, how can they possibly be trusted with more complex matters?

Scrutiny can shine a light into shadow of overspend


News that the work at Salerie Corner junction would cost some £80,000 more than budgeted has overshadowed what should be seen as a positive step, writes Nick Mann. He hopes that some light will be shone on the overspend by the Scrutiny Committee, but it would have been reassuring if Environment & Infrastructure had taken a more proactive stance and revealed why it was investing in things such as CCTV. Its failure to do so means that the heavily-criticised transport strategy has got off to an inauspicious start

Bond loan details held in private

ONE of the more surprising elements of a Budget described as ‘uninspiring’ by the Economic Development president was the suggestion that millions from the States of Guernsey Bond could be lent to non-government organisations. Details are scarce. It is not clear, for example, what sort of companies would make suitable partners, or, more to the point, why the States would consider it in the first place. All we know is that the firms would have to show a good business case and be able to repay the debt.

Amendment is ‘GST by back door’

Chris Green

A ‘GOODS and services tax through the back door’ is how an amendment that could see accountancy and legal firms in line for a 15% general sales tax has been described.

Bring on the permanent sunshine

Future Guernsey generic - no need for caption

Strawberry fields at the roundabout and a yellow submarine in the harbour. Welcome to Guernsey in 20 years’ time, says Neil Ross’ Emile...

Government cannot be one man’s vision

A READER rang the Press offices the other day to complain about Deputy Gavin St Pier. Not that she had anything particularly against the president of Policy & Resources, just that she was tired of seeing his picture in the newspaper. ‘He must be imprinted on our very souls by now,’ the caller grumbled.

Fuel duty may go up by 5p per litre

Petrol tax

MOTORISTS are set to be hit to the tune of £1.4m. as Policy & Resources looks to make up for falling revenues, with fuel duty increasing by 5p per litre.

Committee proposes £56k increase to Sark budget


A £56,000 budget increase has been proposed by Sark’s Finances and Resources Committee ahead of the midsummer meeting of Chief Pleas on 6 July – and it has warned there could be tax increases to pay for it.

Island, like the UK, needs clarity in the wake of Brexit

EU referendum

The vote might be over, but it looks like being a long time before the shock waves from last week’s Brexit referendum result start to abate. As for what this means for Guernsey, Nick Mann says it is important that the island’s position is not weakened during any renegotiation of Protocol 3. But so far, the only certain thing to come out of the vote is a whole lot of uncertainty...

States a long way from delivering on the economy


It’s been the same every year since 2008 and the introduction of zero-10, when the island started running a deficit. The improving picture of the economy painted in the Budget looks completely different in the reality that is the accounts. Nick Mann says for that to change, the States has to do its bit to end that trend and spend less – and it’s a long way from delivering on that

Good news and bad news from UK Budget

Photo By Steve Sarre 17-03-16KPMG Tax and Budget Meeting

THE Channel Islands will be hit by tax changes to offshore companies involved in UK property development, but will benefit from revisions to the ‘non-doms’ regime, accountants KPMG have told a business audience.