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Just how tight are these budgets?

ENVIRONMENT’S decision to press ahead with the bus contract and find £300,000 from its existing budget to improve the service raises more questions than it answers.

First stop on long road for bus service

THOSE who subscribe to the view that ‘it’s better the devil you know’ may be relatively unconcerned at news that CT Plus is to run the island’s bus service for the next five years, possibly longer.

Revised kiosk design gets go ahead

CT Plus has been given the go-ahead to put a new kiosk at the bus terminus in Town after submitting revised plans which do not include the structure being painted the bright yellow and green of the company’s colours. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 6020524)

TONED-DOWN plans for the bus terminus kiosk have been approved by planners, after it was decided the original scheme would harm the historic area.

Bus drivers meet to decide on strike


A LIST of demands over ‘exhausting’ shift rotas and ‘dangerous’ working conditions has been submitted to CT Plus for a response ahead of a driver vote on strike action.

‘We will work this out’

Dai Powell

CT PLUS has vowed to resolve bus drivers’ concerns over long working hours, according to its parent company’s chief executive.

Heading in the right direction

AFTER a difficult journey over the past five years, it seems the island’s bus service may have finally turned a corner as usage numbers start to grow for the first time since 2009.

'It wasn't bus driver's fault'


AFTER returning from a counter-terrorism mission in one of the world’s most dangerous places, Ben Remfrey was laid up at home yesterday after accidentally stepping out in front of a bus.

Why a spring start for paid parking is apt

FOR many, the unthinkable has finally happened: paid parking has been voted through and will be introduced next spring. It’s actually an appropriate date given the claims by this Assembly to represent a Sarnian Spring because the decision to charge commuters to park certainly represents a freshness of outlook.

Why paid parking is a silly idea...

APART from the stated aims of the traffic committee, is there another motive for introducing paid parking we don’t know about?  Without wishing to offend, I think there must be because paid parking is just plain silly.

‘Least worst’ is not always for the best

IN THE aftermath of the debate leading to Guernsey’s transport strategy, one question has to be posed: what will happen when the population management proposals are finally debated? The island’s traffic issues are so serious, we are told, that nothing less than an integrated system penalising certain classes of drivers, introducing paid parking and spending £20m. on a new bus depot will do.

Park-and-ride focus

TWO issues before the States. Transport strategy. The two proposals at the moment do not go far enough in order to solve long-term problems.

Transport: try leading by example

AS DEBATE approaches on what will emerge as a far from integrated transport strategy for the island, one thing has typified the absence of logical thinking on this divisive topic: the amendment from two deputies seeking to exempt commercial vehicles from the proposed width tax.

Only a ban will drive us from cars

SINCE 1 March I have taken the opportunity, travelling by car round the island, to observe buses and their passengers. Not in the rush hours, before 9am or between 4-6pm – I try to keep off the roads then. Of 80 buses, at random in all parts of the island, 56 were empty, 12 had three or fewer passengers, nine had up to 10 passengers and three appeared to have more than 10 passengers.