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Underused western bus route P1 to be axed


WITH an operating cost of £144,000 for the year, the P1 parish link bus service has carried just under 4,000 passengers since October and brought in a fare income of £1,700.

P1 bus service likely to end


BAD timetabling is one of the factors blamed for the impending termination of the parish link airport bus service, according to campaigners, with a lack of publicity and passenger data also spelling its demise.

Has Environment earned the right to play?


With the Environment Department’s revised version of its plans for the controversial vehicle emissions tax and the rejection of the free bus service and paid-for parking clocks, Nick Mann says that even the department itself seems to be taking a half-hearted approach to its proposals – so it should not be too surprised that there are already plans for a public protest...

‘Tinkering’ with buses won’t work

IN THE recent debates about Guernsey’s transport policy, much has been said and written about trying to force people out of their cars and onto buses. But what is so special about buses? From an environmental perspective, buses burn fossil fuels and emit as many pollutants as any other large diesel-powered vehicle.

Just how tight are these budgets?

ENVIRONMENT’S decision to press ahead with the bus contract and find £300,000 from its existing budget to improve the service raises more questions than it answers.

First stop on long road for bus service

THOSE who subscribe to the view that ‘it’s better the devil you know’ may be relatively unconcerned at news that CT Plus is to run the island’s bus service for the next five years, possibly longer.

Revised kiosk design gets go ahead

CT Plus has been given the go-ahead to put a new kiosk at the bus terminus in Town after submitting revised plans which do not include the structure being painted the bright yellow and green of the company’s colours. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 6020524)

TONED-DOWN plans for the bus terminus kiosk have been approved by planners, after it was decided the original scheme would harm the historic area.

Bus drivers meet to decide on strike


A LIST of demands over ‘exhausting’ shift rotas and ‘dangerous’ working conditions has been submitted to CT Plus for a response ahead of a driver vote on strike action.

‘We will work this out’

Dai Powell

CT PLUS has vowed to resolve bus drivers’ concerns over long working hours, according to its parent company’s chief executive.