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When is the Wrightbus the wrong bus?

I DON’T believe it. Only our States could buy buses (Wrightbus StreetVibe) that are narrower and shorter but are more difficult for drivers to steer around areas like La Barbarie corner. We may have bought the Wrightbus but it looks to be the wrong bus for ironically the one place where it should have been easier not more difficult to drive around – La Barbarie corner. Deputy Barry Brehaut, as president of E&I, has been made to look foolish with him extolling how much better the new buses are. It looks like he has been let down (again?) by staff who should have warned him of the new buses’ shortcomings.

An own goal on our doorstep

IT was hardly the finest hour – or hours – for our tourism industry. Cruise ship passengers, long hailed as one of the island’s most valuable visiting assets, were forced to wait in long, hot queues for up to an hour on Saturday for a bus-trip tour of the island. They had been looking forward to seeing what Guernsey has told them it has to offer. Yet those we spoke to complained that, while it had ‘a wonderful atmosphere’, there was little to do in Town.

Puffin Pass, P2 bus starts

P2 at Maraitaine RoadParish link busSmall buswhite busP2

A PARISH bus link that connects communities across the middle of Guernsey will begin with the winter timetable on Monday.

Underused western bus route P1 to be axed


WITH an operating cost of £144,000 for the year, the P1 parish link bus service has carried just under 4,000 passengers since October and brought in a fare income of £1,700.

P1 bus service likely to end


BAD timetabling is one of the factors blamed for the impending termination of the parish link airport bus service, according to campaigners, with a lack of publicity and passenger data also spelling its demise.

Has Environment earned the right to play?


With the Environment Department’s revised version of its plans for the controversial vehicle emissions tax and the rejection of the free bus service and paid-for parking clocks, Nick Mann says that even the department itself seems to be taking a half-hearted approach to its proposals – so it should not be too surprised that there are already plans for a public protest...

‘Tinkering’ with buses won’t work

IN THE recent debates about Guernsey’s transport policy, much has been said and written about trying to force people out of their cars and onto buses. But what is so special about buses? From an environmental perspective, buses burn fossil fuels and emit as many pollutants as any other large diesel-powered vehicle.

Just how tight are these budgets?

ENVIRONMENT’S decision to press ahead with the bus contract and find £300,000 from its existing budget to improve the service raises more questions than it answers.