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Only a ban will drive us from cars

SINCE 1 March I have taken the opportunity, travelling by car round the island, to observe buses and their passengers. Not in the rush hours, before 9am or between 4-6pm – I try to keep off the roads then. Of 80 buses, at random in all parts of the island, 56 were empty, 12 had three or fewer passengers, nine had up to 10 passengers and three appeared to have more than 10 passengers.

Bus figures include more than 200k free rides

I SEE from the Press of 11 January that CT Plus has carried more than 2,375,000 passengers since taking over the service in April 2012. The one important fact I have never seen mentioned concerning passenger numbers is the breakdown between those who have paid and those who have travelled free because of their age.

Off the buses

(Picture by Peter Frankland, 1344509a)

For the last two years bus use has dropped by just under 10% in a 12-month period. Peter Roffey looks at the causes and, most importantly, the consequences.

Bus meeting tonight

BUS passengers have been urged to make their views of proposals for a new winter timetable know at tonight’s consultation meeting.

Bug blames bus service failures on Environment

At the recent Bus User Group AGM concerns about stranded passengers, out-of-date signage and last week’s driver strike were discussed. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 1329265)

BEING forced to limit the damage of a ‘rushed’ bus timetable overhaul instead of encouraging passenger growth means some members of the Bus Users’ Group are ready to give up, its coordinator has said.

Newsroom Live - 14 June, 2013

CHIEF MINISTER Peter Harwood is heading to London this weekend for a meeting with UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

Newsroom Live - 13 June, 2013

The bus service is still in chaos.

FOLLOWING today’s revelation that the bus dispute could become official, we’ll be continuing to examine the beleaguered service.