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Gay people want acceptance – not sympathy

WHILE I am fully accepting of everyone being entitled to an opinion on all matters in life, I was outraged to read the article published on Tuesday 2 May regarding churches not prepared to embrace same-sex marriage. ‘The church is very tolerant of people that find themselves in that situation.’ First of all, it is not a situation, it is a way of life, no different to a man and woman loving one another.

Dean sweeps away court secrecy

IT HAS taken hundreds of years and countless approaches but today the Ecclesiastical Court finally opens its books to the world. It is to the new Dean of Guernsey’s immense credit that, a short while after taking office, he has seen through the nonsense of shrouding the court in a cloak of secrecy. With the benefit of a fresh pair of eyes he looked again at an issue that was damaging the Church and undermining the Ecclesiastical Court’s standing in the community.

Churches must move with times

LIKE Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate arriving at the back of the church just as the groom kisses the bride, the campaign to prevent same-sex marriage has left it very late. It is now almost a decade since the States started looking at how to embrace civil partnerships. They took so long over it that the world accelerated passed them and, last month, Ireland joined 19 other nations in legalising same-sex marriages.

Testing first months ahead for new Dean

THE new Dean of Guernsey gave the perfect response to questions about what he had planned for the Bailiwick upon taking up the post. He planned to listen.

Take it from us*

Peter Roffey suggests gifting the parish rectories to the Church (*but with conditions). (Picture by Steve Sarre, 11237033)

Giving the Church the chance to take on ownership of parish rectories seems like the best solution to a problem that has dragged on for far longer than Peter Roffey thinks necessary. And why wouldn’t it want responsibility for its rectors’ abodes? Surely it’s not just a matter of maintenance…

Honour our link with Winchester

YOUR welcome editorial (4 September) rightly highlights the need for the Anglican church in Guernsey to put behind it the recent events (in Jersey) that have led to its separation from the Diocese of Winchester, resulting in governance from Canterbury and the Bishop of Dover. The appointment of a new Dean of Guernsey provides precisely the right moment for this to happen.

Archbishop intervenes in row with Winchester

Archbishop of Canterbury Christmas Day sermon

A REVIEW of the relationship between the Channel Islands and the Church of England will be carried out after the Archbishop of Canterbury stepped in to defuse a row between Guernsey, Jersey and Winchester.

Churches should pay their way

ON READING an article by Nicola Gibbons printed 11 January concerning church repairs etc., I read the comments reportedly made by Dave Gorvel, who said the current system of management/repairs was appalling and claimed no business would survive if it was run as badly.

How church funding really works...

IN RESPONSE to the letter of 6 January by Watcher – ‘So many questions’ – and indeed others who have suggested that the church is surrounded by secrecy concerning its payments to the Diocese of Winchester, the figure of £1.3m. paid by both Guernsey and Jersey Church of England churches is raised solely by the congregations that attend those churches and not by parish rates, nor by any donations from the Ecclesiastical Court.

Cemetery restorers can get back to work

VOLUNTEERS whose work to restore a historic Town cemetery was put on hold can pick up their tools again after permission to disturb the consecrated ground was granted.