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If Guernsey wants to avoid becoming another Isle of Wight, it must be able to demonstrate fiscal independence – which can only be achieved by being prudent, argues Horace Camp.

It’s a plan, but it’s not the right one

After thoroughly depressing himself by listening to the States debate the four-year P&R plan, Horace Camp is pleased that finally, 14 months after the election, one is in place. But, he warns, it’s not perfect...

Long-term goal needed on population total

THANK you to Gloria Dudley-Owen and Graham Guille for continuing to care about the island’s population, and for their communication skills, which I would love to have. They are in a small minority who care about our future generations. There have been a small number of occasions when the States has decided to limit the population, only to forget it when it immediately rose higher (they hardly could be described of the quality of Winston Churchill). Whatever figure would be chosen, it doesn’t matter if it goes temporarily higher or lower, as long as that number is a long-term goal. Personally, I would choose a number with which the island could feed and look after itself (bearing in mind that in 1944/5, many of the 35,000 people living on the island would have died without outside assistance). Others would choose a number close to that existing today.

Could reclaiming land solve waste disposal issues?

A RECENT report in the Guernsey Press warns that we all face a 225% increase in our waste collection costs (from £2.15 to £7 per week) to meet ‘recycling targets’. (‘Kerbside recycling cost projected to be £39.9m’, 18 January) How can such a vast increase be justified? There seem to be two issues: 1, to meet some arbitrary recycling target ‘consistent with those in the UK and EU’ and 2, that our existing landfill site will become full in the coming years.

150 brave storm to back climate summit


MORE than 150 people braved driving rain and gales at Vazon on Saturday afternoon to show their support for the UN Climate Change Summit, which starts in Paris today.

Eco-friendly action is needed now

ANOTHER record just broken for warmest November day ever. Sounds nice in theory, but look at it in the deeper context. Those severe and battering storms of 2013/14, was it all coincidence, along with the huge amounts of jellyfish seen in the summer?

‘Once in...’ coming all the sooner

AS GUERNSEY cleans up after the big tides and gales, some will be wondering whether the flooding is as a result of rising sea levels caused by climate change. The real risk arises, however, from storms where tidal surge, low pressure and wind direction coincide, leading to significant over-topping of flood defences, as happened yesterday.

‘Greener choices will cost’

ENERGY costs will have to rise if the island is serious about tackling climate change, according to Guernsey Electricity managing director Ian Watson.

Coastal defences may cost millions

REPAIRING the sea wall at Rocque Poisson is going to cost so much that Environment expects to have to take a report to the States to get the money.

Climate change: Guernsey's not immune

For years people viewed warnings about man-made global warming as unnecessary scaremongering, but the tide of opinion is turning. And Guernsey is not immune to its potentially catastrophic effects, warns Mark Windsor

Forum drew in converted

THE success of the island's first public forum on climate change needs to be put into perspective.

Joint BIC action on changing climate

RISING sea levels and more-frequent storms resulting from climate change could have a serious impact on Guernsey's economy, community and environment.