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Market abuse: we have right to know

IT WAS interesting to listen to the chief executive of the Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities on BBC Guernsey radio on 2 February when he explained their function. He said that their purpose was to look out for consumers, to be an economic regulator and to have a reactive role towards the competition laws. He said they are an independent authority but answerable to the Economic Development committee. But I continue to be concerned since, on 29 March 2016, the Guernsey Press referred to Cicra’s involvement in an investigation into ‘significant market abuse’ in relation to a States contract, a potential breach in competition laws and material implications for islanders. It was later reported that this referred to a multimillion-pound States contract.

Let’s make air display something special

NOW it is not often that I wish I was a crapaud instead of a donkey, after all our sister island has higher unemployment, bigger debt, GST and a States Assembly that almost makes our lot look normal. But having seen the air display programmes for both islands, I have to say we have a pretty poor show in comparison – lots of boring repeat displays, no exciting fast jets, in fact I just can’t be bothered going. That does not mean I wish to denigrate the efforts of the organisers and sponsors who try very hard with a low budget of £60,000, according to the radio this morning.

Market abuse probe needs answers now

TIME continues to tick by with no resolution about whether to give the green light to what what would be a major regulatory investigation into a States contract. Although the contract itself has never been identified, the change of government has given fresh impetus to the issue of whether to fund the Guernsey Competition and Regulatory Authority’s review of what has been termed a potential ‘significant market abuse’ – something that could have breached Guernsey’s competition law.

Milk retail changes leave a sour taste

ALTHOUGH now out of politics, the former minister for Commerce and Employment could not resist having his say over Wednesday’s page one article about milk retailers struggling to keep their businesses afloat. ‘Front page on milkmen is not economically important. Let’s change the focus to the issues that will shape our future,’ Kevin Stewart tweeted. Given the long and disagreeable history of the debate over who can deliver milk and the role of the island’s distributors it is perhaps not surprising that the one-time representative for St Sampson’s is dismissive of the story.

Review of minimum wage law in wake of court case

A REVIEW will be held into the possible need for extra regulation surrounding Guernsey’s minimum wage legislation, Commerce and Employment has said, after an apparent gap was exposed in a recent court judgment.

No funding equals no scrutiny

THE outgoing States’ uneasy relationship with scrutiny has again been tested with news that a regulator is so starved of funds it cannot investigate ‘significant market abuse’. The stymieing of a legitimate inquiry would be bad enough if it related solely to private businesses but for one of the parties escaping investigation to be a States department is wholly unacceptable.

Renewables potential is only that

At the launch of the Guernsey Renewable Energy Team’s latest awareness drive there was an acknowledgement that to outside watchers it might seem that things are moving at a glacial pace. There is an understandable frustration that the technology has not developed at the rate expected when the potential for tidal power first made big headlines back in the mid-2000s.

Milk retailers are to get £40k each compensation


GUERNSEY has a moral obligation to compensate milk retailers for changes to the distribution system, deputies said yesterday, as they passed an amendment that will see a total financial mitigation of up to £750,000 offered.

Amendment to cap milk compensation


A MOVE to give milkmen up to £750,000 in compensation gives the States a ‘reasonable option’, the deputy behind the proposal has said.

Our only hope?

We may just have to put our heads together with Jersey and Condor, Horace suggests. Alas, the British Railways passenger vessel Sarnia, pictured on her maiden voyage on 13 June 1961, cannot come to our rescue.

Everyone has an opinion on Condor, as our columnist quickly discovered while mulling over topics for this page. So what is his? While the issues are many, Horace believes there is only one solution...

Grass is fake but results must be real

THE doors are open today. The ‘funky’ chalkboard paint job on the stairs gave the chief officer of the Commerce and Employment Department kittens as he thought it was unfinished. And you might be unsure if you step on the ‘grass’ carpet. But beyond the industrial chic aesthetics, will the Digital Greenhouse make a meaningful contribution to the Guernsey economy?

Bring back reciprocal health agreement with UK

THE States will shortly be discussing a requete which seeks to reintroduce the Reciprocal Health Agreement with the UK. It is high time that this agreement is re-established as Guernsey is the only Crown Dependency that does not have an agreement with the UK, despite having such agreements with eight other countries including Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and even Iceland.