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Why I resigned...

I UNDERSTAND and appreciate that a decision to resign will always split public opinion. Doing things out of principle and policy differences will not satisfy everyone.

Dairy industry is on the brink

IT IS hardly surprising Minister Kevin Stewart is having problems consulting with the milk retailers. After all, it is the third time this group of hard-working people have had to defend their livelihoods from obliteration by a succession of aggressive ministers of the Commerce and Employment Department.

Better to have fought from the inside

THE resignation of Deputy Laurie Queripel may have been done with good grace and the best of intentions but it is hard to see that it has done any good.

Shops are keeping VAT on, says minister

dave jones

HOUSING minister Dave Jones is calling on Commerce & Employment to launch an investigation into retailers to make them provide proof of their freight charges.

Change usually bad

I DIDN’T think Nick Mann’s article about Kevin Stewart and Project Proteus, published on 28 January, was up to his normal standard. While the drawing of Deputy Stewart with a pair of pants on his head was insulting (to the deputy or to pants?) and may provoke some debate on whether the minister wants to officially register this image for himself, I primarily take issue with Nick’s claim that the public has an appetite for change.

Sunday trading not a priority for C&E minister

SUNDAY trading is not a priority for Commerce and Employment despite a newly commissioned report for the department proposing an end to restrictions, minister Kevin Stewart has said.