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Tourism plan puts cart before horse

I AM appalled by so much nonsense written in the Press and, particularly, by Commerce and Employment with their ‘10-year plan for tourism’. As a travel agent, the article has prompted me to comment on their proposals. With respect to Messrs Hopkins and Wheadon, the jargon and hype apart, I suggest their plan is not only unrealistic but puts the cart before the horse for several reasons – a travel agent’s point of view.

Tourism plan seeks 30% rise in visitors

Photo By Steve Sarre 19-11-14Visit Guernsey numbers on visiters Mike Hopkins

INVESTIGATING glamping, or luxury camping, developing the wedding market and supporting family attractions are just a few of the ways the Commerce and Employment Department is planning to revitalise the island’s tourism industry.

Population fall triggers urgent States action

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OVER 650 more people left Guernsey in the last two years than arrived, latest population figures have revealed, as investigations are launched by the States into measures that could address the slump.

Clear issues over digital greenhouse

IF YOU believe the adage that ‘people living in greenhouses shouldn’t throw stones’, you might have been surprised at the reaction the Commerce and Employment Department received last week when it attempted to move forward with its ‘Digital Greenhouse’ plans. Certainly the department’s board members and staff seemed shocked at the critical, bordering on hostile, reaction its plans received from the very people it thought would be enthusiastic users of the space it is so keen to open. It would have been clear to see through the panes that all was not well.

Jersey challenge to fishing controls


A JERSEY fisherman has launched a legal challenge against the States in a bid to lift ‘unreasonable’ fishing restrictions imposed on him in Guernsey waters.