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Grass is fake but results must be real

THE doors are open today. The ‘funky’ chalkboard paint job on the stairs gave the chief officer of the Commerce and Employment Department kittens as he thought it was unfinished. And you might be unsure if you step on the ‘grass’ carpet. But beyond the industrial chic aesthetics, will the Digital Greenhouse make a meaningful contribution to the Guernsey economy?

Bring back reciprocal health agreement with UK

THE States will shortly be discussing a requete which seeks to reintroduce the Reciprocal Health Agreement with the UK. It is high time that this agreement is re-established as Guernsey is the only Crown Dependency that does not have an agreement with the UK, despite having such agreements with eight other countries including Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and even Iceland.

Online deliverance for our milkmen

I RECENTLY questioned the benefit to consumers of the new rules concerning milk marketing and distribution. I am sure that the changes will bring an end to doorstep deliveries of milk and force consumers to collect milk from supermarkets.

States has taken a leap backwards

PERHAPS it is only when you have your own business that you discover that while you might not be interested in politics, politics is interested in you. Certainly I don’t recall having written a politics-related letter to the Guernsey Press before Commerce and Employment first attacked my milk retailing business in 2005.

Build new boat locally

WITH reference to Commerce and Employment who are pushing for the new Leopardess to be built off-island, can anyone tell me who on that board has any connection with the sea or boating?

I will lose my business over time – milkman


MILKMEN and women face losing their livelihoods over time, one devastated delivery man said yesterday as the States agreed to allow shops and supermarkets to deal directly with Guernsey Dairy.

Dairy could deal directly with commercial businesses


SHOPS and supermarkets will be able to deal directly with Guernsey Dairy in the future, but Guernsey’s milkmen and women will receive no compensation under new proposals put forward by Commerce and Employment.

C&E to clamp down on broadband standards


EXTRA powers and legislation will be introduced if broadband providers in Guernsey fail to comply with voluntary standards, Commerce and Employment minister Kevin Stewart has said.