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Is Condor interested in 41-seat Gardian?


CONDOR FERRIES has fuelled speculation that it is looking at the suitability of an alternative vessel for one of its routes, after staff members were spotted on board a ferry that is reportedly available for sale or charter.

Ferry operator keeps sidestepping questions

ONCE again the corporate communication manager of Condor Ferries has had the unenviable task of providing a ‘smoke and mirrors’ response to a letter published in your newspaper. This time it’s to avoid answering the questions posed by John Schute (Open Lines, 23 September) about the ownership and control of Condor Ferries. She tells us that Condor Ferries was established in Guernsey in 1964, and that they ‘are proud to be a Guernsey company’. Well, I certainly don’t dispute that Condor may be a Guernsey-registered company, and has its formal meetings here, but this is not at all the same thing as who has ownership and control, as any accountancy student could tell you. So anybody can see that they are just sidestepping the question.

Condor vows to improve

Ken Soar, Group Ditector, Condor Ferries. Picture: JON GUEGAN

CONDOR FERRIES has vowed to improve its customer services after admitting that public confidence in the company is ‘at a low ebb’.

Condor issues weather warning

Rapide new livery_900

CONDOR has warned it will be monitoring the weather ‘extremely closely’ as poor conditions are forecast for the Easter weekend.

Condor: we only sail when it’s safe


HARBOUR master Captain Chad Murray will be attending Condor Liberation’s latest and critical Maritime and Coastguard Agency inspection today, he has confirmed, as the company said it had rectified the list of faults with the £50m. ferry.