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Harbours have inadequate security

HAVING recently travelled from Poole to Guernsey with Condor, the first time for a number of years, I was somewhat shocked at the lax security procedures, especially regarding passenger identification.

Condor Liberation is not out of its depth

I HATE to differ with such an expert on maritime and meteorological affairs as Condor’s corporate communications manager, but if she cares to look at an appropriate chart (I recommend webapp.navionics.com) she will see that the waters around Las Islas Canarias where the Benchijuga Express operates successfully are about 3,000 metres deep whereas the waters in the Channel where the Liberation is attempting to provide a year round service are about 100 metres deep.

Liberation back-up is not robust

FOUR months ago a reader of this newspaper became the latest to challenge Condor about its UK autumn schedule. C. Ryan of St Martin’s warned that Condor’s decision to take the Clipper out of service for more than a month made the island entirely reliant on the Liberation for its UK passenger service and put the link at risk.

Harbour is in a mess

IT SEEMS that Condor is taking the flak for the fact that the Liberation had to by-pass us and proceed directly to Poole, thus inconveniencing a lot of passengers and no doubt costing Condor a lot of money.

Condor kept us in dark, say passengers


FURIOUS passengers yesterday accused Condor of keeping them in the dark for hours, as hundreds of people missed trips, holidays and found themselves stranded after Liberation pulled away from Guernsey without stopping on Monday.

Tell us if you have problem with mobility, says Condor


FERRY passengers with mobility problems need to inform Condor at the time of booking or 48 hours before travelling, the company has advised, following concerns raised about an elderly couple having to spend the journey in their car.

Liberation reliance risks cut-off from the UK

I FEEL (as many do) that the UK ferry link is of vital importance to our island, both for islanders needing to get to the UK and tourists who wish to visit us. Therefore I am really concerned that we have allowed Condor Ferries to reduce the number of fast ferries from two catamarans to just one trimaran. Unfortunately for all of us (and Condor) this ferry is not fit for purpose.

Passengers have a right to complain

‘TO MAINTAIN and develop year round, long-term, reliable, robust and reasonably priced roll on/roll off passenger, car and freight ferry services.’ That was Jersey and Guernsey’s vision when the two islands agreed in 2012 to act in concert to secure a long-term deal with a ferry operator.

Put customer service in travel plans

BANK Holiday travel to and from the Bailiwick is always a lottery – if the wave height doesn’t get you, the fog probably will. Time was though that the bemused, soothing phrase of: ‘Well, that’s the price you pay for living on such a beautiful island,’ held some sway.

Ferry fiasco may scupper islands’ good reputation

Arrival of Condor LiberationPicture: PETER MOURANT

It was hailed as a craft that would signal a brave new world in ferry travel between the islands and the UK, yet Condor’s £50m. Liberation has so far failed to live up to the hype – so much so that, if not sorted out shortly, there’s a danger that it will damage our reputation as a tourist destination. Time for Deputy Kevin Stewart to step in, reckons Peter Roffey

Lifeline ferry service at risk

IN JULY last year I (amongst others) wrote to the Guernsey Press outlining my concern that Condor Ferries were putting the lifeline UK service at risk by replacing two catamarans (with a combined capacity of 1,482 passengers and 350 cars) with only one trimaran (with a capacity of 880 passengers and 245 cars). Not only was this a real reduction in capacity, but in the case of an accident, the remaining UK ferry (Commodore Clipper) could not cope in maintaining the service on its own.