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Condor 102 approaching its berth in Poole.

Condor ensured service before vessels’ sale

COMMERCE and Employment minister Kevin Stewart has given reassurances that conditions had been put in place to ensure emergency contingencies were covered after ferry operator Condor sold two of its vessels.

Vitesse men fight tougher sentences call


AN APPEAL court in Caen, Normandy yesterday heard legal arguments for and against a demand for more severe sentences to be imposed on the two Condor bridge officers found guilty last year of the manslaughter of Norman fisherman Philippe Lesaulnier.

‘Risky’ launch of Condor remembered


THE two Guernsey families who founded Condor 50 years ago have spoken of the affection they still hold for the company as it marked half a century on the local sea routes.

Condor’s settlement leaves risks

NOW that the dust is beginning to settle on the strike action taken by Condor staff in St Malo, the fallout raises some questions about the future of the ferry service. What, if anything, can the operator do to limit the potential for a repeat performance?

Mutiny on the Rapide


A MUTINY has broken out as Condor staff have commandeered the Rapide and refused to release it until their demands were met.