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Port move confirms end of an era

ANY lingering ambitions of a ferry operation returning to Weymouth appear to have finally sailed, following news the town is now looking to build a leisure centre on the harbour site instead. The update feels like official confirmation, if any were still needed, that the days of Guernsey’s historic association with the seaside port are over. It is hard not to sympathise with the borough council’s decision, coming as it does after its long, yet fruitless, battle to keep the cross-Channel operation afloat.

Condor must accept responsibility for failings

I MAY be coming to this subject a bit late, but as implementation of Condor’s ‘comprehensive service review’ is just about to be undertaken it is relevant how Condor’s new management will operate. As far as I understand, Guernsey’s External Transport Group approved an extended (10-year) contract with Condor Ferries. The Guernsey Press stated, ‘Deputy Luxon was chairman of the States External Group when a memorandum of understanding was signed with Condor in 2014.’

Plug-ins, supported

sports car with green plug

Umpteen interlocking States policies, strategies and visions designed to save the planet want to see ‘dirty’ vehicles replaced by fewer electric cars. But how do people living in flats or houses without parking charge their silent saviours?  Horace Camp and family take advantage of this summer’s political lull to come up with a solution

Turning the tide for passengers

THERE was a distinct, salty whiff of Murphy’s Law in the air yesterday when Condor suffered yet another day of complaints and disruption. It came just hours after an upbeat interview in this newspaper marking its CEO’s first 100 days in the job, in which he announced that reliability was its number one priority. Improving customer service was up there too, as well as moving ferry services off the political agenda.

No Condor agreement before review complete


GOVERNMENT is working towards signing a service level agreement with Condor, Economic Development president Peter Ferbrache said as he reassured colleagues that his committee was keen to ensure the island’s ferry service was reliable.

Islands move in different directions

THE holy grail of cost-cutting co-operation between Guernsey and Jersey has been pursued with limited vigour by the two Bailiwicks for decades. Successes have been few and far between and, in many respects, the two islands remain as far apart politically as they have ever been. One of those rare successes has been the formation of a joint competition regulator, Cicra, whose annual report is laid before the States today.

New Town bins must go

I REMEMBER the day they were unloading the horrible grey plastic planters in Town last year and asking the guys what they were for and responding that they look hideous. Well, eventually the message got through and they have mainly been removed after the outcry from the general population. Now I don’t want anyone to think I am against recycling, far from it, as all our plastic goes through the dishwasher before we bag it for collection. Not sure how environmentally friendly this all is, but her indoors has taken this task under her jurisdiction and that is the way it will be done. But have you seen what they have done in Town with all the new recycling bins scattered all over the place?

Tourism suffering due to ferry service

I WOULD like to respond to the article in the Guernsey Press on 21 May concerning the review that Condor are carrying out this year, which they will finish sometime before Christmas. The arrival figures into Guernsey by sea according to the Visit Guernsey website are 17% down year to date. The arrival figures into the airport over the same period are roughly the same as last year. The arrival numbers from Jersey by sea are 24% down. The figures are not going to improve as you simply cannot book a day trip from Jersey to Guernsey in the peak tourist month of August. The sign that used to exist at the Jersey Harbour advertising day trips to Guernsey has long gone.

Condor charters plane for Muratti players on Sunday


CONDOR is chartering a plane, after its cancellation of Sunday’s Clipper service would have left the women’s Muratti team stranded in Jersey overnight and could have resulted in the match being scrapped altogether.

Why are ferry sailing times so ‘unfriendly’?

THE politicians who negotiated the Condor arrangements clearly were not wide awake. Take for instance the UK-Channel Islands timetable. Nowhere in either Guernsey or Jersey is the port more than a six-mile drive away, whereas in the UK the distance can be anything up to hundreds of miles to get to Poole.

Simplified ferry fare structure is ‘a joke’

HAS anybody else noticed the change in fare structure on Condor? I sent the following letter to Condor’s customer services department on 15 April only to receive the standard ‘it may take two weeks to reply to your enquiry, or even longer’. This really is a joke, but I thought I could share it with your avid readers.

Invisibility cloak taken off – for now

WHEN nobody is responsible, everyone is responsible. Sitting deputies up for re-election tomorrow have to hope that voters do not saddle them with all the ills of this States. For that is the temptation. With collective government the actions and decisions of individual departments and deputies are laid at the door of ‘the States’ without distinguishing between those directly responsible and the rest.

Island’s leaders have left us in a mess

I AM writing this letter to vent a few personal views, especially before the island goes out to vote. I urge all who are going to venture out to vote to really consider what mess our island is in especially after the last four years of leadership. What a legacy they have left us. Far too much to put into print. We have been taxed more than the Sheriff of Nottingham did to the people of Sherwood and we have no Robin Hood to save us. Mind you, I would not put it past some candidates to turn up in green tights with a bow and arrow.