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Condor try to draw support from States

THOSE looking for easy answers and quick fixes will be sorely disappointed by Condor’s service review. In exhaustive detail, the report tells anyone willing to wade through its 212 pages that while it recognises the demands of the public and politicians for a more reliable, flexible and resilient service that can only come at a cost. So while the ferry company is working hard on customer care, turnaround times and communication, more fundamental changes such as buying new ships or more convenient departure and arrival times are not going to happen without States backing.

Port move confirms end of an era

ANY lingering ambitions of a ferry operation returning to Weymouth appear to have finally sailed, following news the town is now looking to build a leisure centre on the harbour site instead. The update feels like official confirmation, if any were still needed, that the days of Guernsey’s historic association with the seaside port are over. It is hard not to sympathise with the borough council’s decision, coming as it does after its long, yet fruitless, battle to keep the cross-Channel operation afloat.

Condor must accept responsibility for failings

I MAY be coming to this subject a bit late, but as implementation of Condor’s ‘comprehensive service review’ is just about to be undertaken it is relevant how Condor’s new management will operate. As far as I understand, Guernsey’s External Transport Group approved an extended (10-year) contract with Condor Ferries. The Guernsey Press stated, ‘Deputy Luxon was chairman of the States External Group when a memorandum of understanding was signed with Condor in 2014.’

Plug-ins, supported

sports car with green plug

Umpteen interlocking States policies, strategies and visions designed to save the planet want to see ‘dirty’ vehicles replaced by fewer electric cars. But how do people living in flats or houses without parking charge their silent saviours?  Horace Camp and family take advantage of this summer’s political lull to come up with a solution

Turning the tide for passengers

THERE was a distinct, salty whiff of Murphy’s Law in the air yesterday when Condor suffered yet another day of complaints and disruption. It came just hours after an upbeat interview in this newspaper marking its CEO’s first 100 days in the job, in which he announced that reliability was its number one priority. Improving customer service was up there too, as well as moving ferry services off the political agenda.