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Tourism suffering due to ferry service

I WOULD like to respond to the article in the Guernsey Press on 21 May concerning the review that Condor are carrying out this year, which they will finish sometime before Christmas. The arrival figures into Guernsey by sea according to the Visit Guernsey website are 17% down year to date. The arrival figures into the airport over the same period are roughly the same as last year. The arrival numbers from Jersey by sea are 24% down. The figures are not going to improve as you simply cannot book a day trip from Jersey to Guernsey in the peak tourist month of August. The sign that used to exist at the Jersey Harbour advertising day trips to Guernsey has long gone.

Why are ferry sailing times so ‘unfriendly’?

THE politicians who negotiated the Condor arrangements clearly were not wide awake. Take for instance the UK-Channel Islands timetable. Nowhere in either Guernsey or Jersey is the port more than a six-mile drive away, whereas in the UK the distance can be anything up to hundreds of miles to get to Poole.

Simplified ferry fare structure is ‘a joke’

HAS anybody else noticed the change in fare structure on Condor? I sent the following letter to Condor’s customer services department on 15 April only to receive the standard ‘it may take two weeks to reply to your enquiry, or even longer’. This really is a joke, but I thought I could share it with your avid readers.

Invisibility cloak taken off – for now

WHEN nobody is responsible, everyone is responsible. Sitting deputies up for re-election tomorrow have to hope that voters do not saddle them with all the ills of this States. For that is the temptation. With collective government the actions and decisions of individual departments and deputies are laid at the door of ‘the States’ without distinguishing between those directly responsible and the rest.

Island’s leaders have left us in a mess

I AM writing this letter to vent a few personal views, especially before the island goes out to vote. I urge all who are going to venture out to vote to really consider what mess our island is in especially after the last four years of leadership. What a legacy they have left us. Far too much to put into print. We have been taxed more than the Sheriff of Nottingham did to the people of Sherwood and we have no Robin Hood to save us. Mind you, I would not put it past some candidates to turn up in green tights with a bow and arrow.

Condor’s new seating policy a ‘backward step’

I AM not one who would wish to query Condor and the many problems they have had of late, as I have always, over many years – going back to the days of the hydrofoils – received wonderful service from the company, right up to date. However, I must point to one area – they are taking a very backward step in seating arrangements. It would seem one cannot now reserve a specific area or seating.

Small issues became a big problem

BY ITS own account, Condor must be seething. Battered by relentless winter storms and struggling to manage a ship going through ‘standard’ teething issues for a vessel under warranty, the ferry firm was already having one of its worst years ever.

Hundreds in Condor protest


CONDOR’S level of service was the subject of a demonstration attended by about 300 people at North Beach this morning.

Liberation has sailed this morning


CONDOR Liberation sailed from Poole for the islands on time this morning after being released from detention by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency yesterday evening.

If there is a plan B then let’s hear it

DISBELIEF set in yesterday as news of Condor Liberation’s latest disaster reached the islands. Even by the standards of the last 12 months, the decision by the MCA to detain the ship pending repairs to ‘substantial deficiencies’ was jaw-dropping.

A better fleet could be on the horizon

AS AN observer at Friday’s crunch meeting between Condor and the governments of Guernsey and Jersey, Deputy Paul Luxon was ideally placed to understand the needs of both sides.

Our only hope?

We may just have to put our heads together with Jersey and Condor, Horace suggests. Alas, the British Railways passenger vessel Sarnia, pictured on her maiden voyage on 13 June 1961, cannot come to our rescue.

Everyone has an opinion on Condor, as our columnist quickly discovered while mulling over topics for this page. So what is his? While the issues are many, Horace believes there is only one solution...

No fast ferry tomorrow


CONDOR has cancelled tomorrow's Condor Liberation sailing between Poole and the Channel Islands following today's technical problems.

Ferry safety video gets a bad rap

SHOULD Condor have called their new ship the ‘Liability’ instead of the ‘Liberation’? Judging by the weight and range of complaint about it, maybe. Strangely, I have already managed to journey on it six times without event.

Ferry service changes a problem for visitors

MY FAMILY – in various forms – has visited Guernsey for more than 50 years – my parents, my family and I, my wife and I, with children and with grandchildren and so on. We owned, until last year, a time-share on the island. We decided against reinvesting because of our ages and not our failure to enjoy Guernsey. We have made other arrangements in accommodation at Cobo.