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Condor’s settlement leaves risks

NOW that the dust is beginning to settle on the strike action taken by Condor staff in St Malo, the fallout raises some questions about the future of the ferry service. What, if anything, can the operator do to limit the potential for a repeat performance?

Mutiny on the Rapide


A MUTINY has broken out as Condor staff have commandeered the Rapide and refused to release it until their demands were met.

Holiday should start the minute you board ferry

James Fulford

Have you been a ‘guest’ of Condor this summer? James Falla finds out why James Fulford, the ferry firm’s new CEO, believes in the islands, believes in tourism and wants your sea trip to become part of your holiday...

What type of ferry service do you want?

Condor MD James Fulford

CONDOR must invest millions of pounds in the not-too-distant future to replace its fast ferries, which its new chief executive officer has said are heading towards the end of their lifespan.

Condor welcomes new chief

James Fulford

CONDOR has finally announced a replacement for managing director Simon Edsall, who left the company in March.