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‘Flexibility’ works both ways

PETER Ferbrache writes about the great significance of the Island Development Plan for the island over the next 10 years. In his capacity as president of the Committee for Economic Development, I think we can assume that the ‘significance’ in question relates to the IDP’s capacity to restrain the building necessary for further economic ‘development’. Mr Ferbrache cites a promise from the planners for ‘flexibility’. What then is this flexibility that has been promised, if not the flexibility to be allowed to build? Why not the flexibility to not be allowed to build? The answer is that not being allowed to build, though flexible for the purposes of guarding Guernsey’s quality of life and natural environment, is not flexible in terms of economic development. We need to be clear that the word ‘flexibility’ moves both ways.

Mixed reception for new flats plan

Simon Cleal

WITH a demand for more housing in the island, residents living in and around Coupee Lane have greeted plans for 16 new flats in the area with mixed feelings.

Plan for new road is ‘garden grabbing’

The Swallows Robergerie Road St Sampson's

DOMESTIC gardens have value that far exceed their financial worth, a Delancey Conservation Committee member has said, as she warned of the negative impacts of ‘garden grabbing’.

Developers must start consultation again

Les Blanches, St Martin's, where Island Development Ltd want to build new homes.

A CONTROVERSIAL planning application for homes in St Martin’s will have to restart its consultation period again, after the developers reportedly failed to display the site notices correctly.

Bigger Admiral Park depends on parking


THE developer of Admiral Park’s £70m. office, hotel and cinema complex has pushed ahead with a planning application which includes 700 parking spaces, despite a negative response from planners in the pre-application discussions.

Oatlands could be Joey’s new home


JOEY could have a new home at Oatlands, as part of the redevelopment of the site which could include a play barn, luxury cinema and interactive games facility.