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Bigger Admiral Park depends on parking


THE developer of Admiral Park’s £70m. office, hotel and cinema complex has pushed ahead with a planning application which includes 700 parking spaces, despite a negative response from planners in the pre-application discussions.

Oatlands could be Joey’s new home


JOEY could have a new home at Oatlands, as part of the redevelopment of the site which could include a play barn, luxury cinema and interactive games facility.

No objections to planning transparency

IN THE long history of Town how many people have said ‘I’ll see you outside Weighbridge House’? Apart from a few developers, architects and planners, probably no one.

Pollet plans: What exactly is the point of planners?

I listened with interest to Deputy Burford’s comments on the phone-in on Sunday (31 January) regarding development at the Lower Pollet. Like many islanders I am appalled at this proposal. Potentially three diverse locally owned tax paying businesses (and a convenience store) could be destroyed, and replaced by a large supermarket that will be part of a UK multinational.

‘Please consider residents’

AS A resident of St Peter Port I fully appreciate that we, like St Sampson’s, are designated ‘main centres’ and as such are the two areas of the island marked out for the majority of domestic, commercial and retail development. I’m certainly not against development in either of these locations, but it seems that little or no real consideration is given to the residents who actually live close to development sites.

No evidence that St Martin’s houses are ‘much needed’

DEPUTY HADLEY’S blasé dismissal of the concerns of local residents was wrong to repeat Island Development Ltd’s assertion that their proposed development on land behind Les Galeries conforms to States policy (Open Lines, 2 October, 2015).