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No evidence that St Martin’s houses are ‘much needed’

DEPUTY HADLEY’S blasé dismissal of the concerns of local residents was wrong to repeat Island Development Ltd’s assertion that their proposed development on land behind Les Galeries conforms to States policy (Open Lines, 2 October, 2015).

Bakery plans raise fears

I AM writing in response to Sandpiper CI’s plans to build residential properties on the old Warry’s Bakery site at La Grande Bouet.

An urgent need for safety change

AS THE new road layout along The Quay beds in, there is another project on Environment’s to do list which is arguably more pressing.

37-unit clos plans worry residents

Jolene Blampied lives opposite the proposed entrance to the planned new clos at St Martin’s. Like other residents she is concerned about the development’s effect on traffic in the area if it goes ahead. (7814874)

BUSIER roads, the loss of prime Guernsey farmland and straining local infrastructure were a few of the objections to a proposed new housing development in the heart of St Martin’s.

Good prospects for GF role

Dominic Wheatley_900

GUERNSEY FINANCE has already received significant interest in a new development director role it has advertised.