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A matter of understanding

With so many big issues before the States, and a few of them controversial, Neil Ross’s Emile has plenty to tell his cousin Eugene. From education to Condor, the Leopardess to our relationships with other places – it’s all about money and ‘understandings’

The future of education is up for debate

TODAY lights the fire of a debate that will rage through to the end of this political term and beyond. It is a discussion on the shape of education for the foreseeable future and therefore a debate on the coming shape of island society.

Education has much to work on

THOSE hoping to use Education Scotland’s investigation as a stick with which to beat the Education Department will be sorely disappointed.

Education review finds communication weakness


EDUCATION is under pressure to improve its communication and consultation with parents as well as its approach to ensuring all children and young people are included, in an external report released today.

Results don’t make the grade

I HATE to rain on anybody’s parade but since our esteemed Health minister has decided that I am ‘full of doom and gloom’ I might as well.

Review report is positively excellent... almost

Peter Roffey welcomes the Review Committee’s approach to scrutiny.

The policy letter on government review is excellent, says Peter Roffey. Set out in plain English and easy to read, its logic on most issues can’t be faulted. But there are one or two issues that merit a quibble...

Last-minute talks on La Mare as review call lost

la mare aerial_900

EDUCATION’S battle for the £60m. redevelopment of La Mare de Carteret Schools moved a small step closer yesterday when a proposal to delay the work until after a full review of secondary education was defeated in the States.