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Time for 11-plus to go

I HAVE been following with interest the developments in recent months regarding the proposals for the 11-plus and secondary education. I am a teacher with 15 years’ experience across Guernsey and the UK and am currently a member of the senior leadership team of a primary school in Guernsey. In my opinion, the 11-plus system of selection is outdated, ineffective and no longer fulfils the purpose which it, perhaps, once did. I applaud the plan to rid our education system of it. I don’t comment too often on Guernsey issues but I feel qualified to do so on this matter.

Pick and mix consultation loses its way

FOR ambition, fresh-thinking and diversity Education must be congratulated for its consultation on the future of secondary schools. Not content with getting 4,000 islanders to fill in an online survey the department set up 28 focus groups of everyone from business leaders to charity workers and used technology to create a ‘closed crowd’ where teachers could debate freely and without fear of repercussions.

11-plus abolition comes under fire from all sides


RADICAL and far-reaching proposals for the future of the island’s secondary education are being rushed through and public consultation has been ignored, some parents, politicians and islanders said yesterday.

‘Take pride in Great War sacrifice’

Elizabeth College’s CCF Drum Corps played at the launch locally of a national art and poetry competition to commemorate the First World War.  (Picture by Steve Sarre, 13130140)

THE co-founder of national First World War commemoration charity, Never Such Innocence, visited Elizabeth College yesterday to help launch its latest competition for young people.

Education is the answer to obesity

WITH the evils of tobacco on the ropes, health professionals are keen to go toe to toe with society’s next big opponent, obesity. It won’t be long before being overweight overtakes smoking as the number one cause of premature ill health and death.

Education’s welcome compromise

COMPROMISE is not always a word with the most positive of connotations. However yesterday’s States vote on a new middle-ground agreement for pre-school education provision represents a significant milestone for education in Guernsey.

Teacher training course fills need


THE vast majority of islanders who join Education’s on-island teacher training programme end up teaching in local schools, says director of education Alan Brown.

Mums backing nursery funding


PRE-SCHOOL education is key to a child’s independence, integration and preparations, parents have said, as they backed Education’s plans to fund it.

GFSC head questions the standard of education

William Mason_900

AN END to low-value ‘back office’ jobs in the local finance sector will require young islanders to achieve more in education and develop better skills for good careers to keep the local economy strong, the director-general of the Guernsey Financial Services Commission has warned.

Pupils’ mindset lessons inspire


PUPILS have inspired a visiting UK teacher with their Growth Mindset philosophy in the classroom, where they have perseverance, belief in themselves and are no longer afraid to make mistakes.

States policies subject to fraught money wrangle


With the Treasury department effectively saying no to any new funding requests in an attempt to balance the books, and likely to continue with that stance through to the end of the political term, States members have been left in the unenviable position of putting favourable proposals on the back burner

Fair comment? Or a columnist with an ‘axe to grind’?

GUERNSEY is rightly proud of its democracy and of the level of public engagement with its government – manifested in trenchant views expressed in all forms of media. It would be a foolish politician who complained about the criticism directed at him or her. We rejoice in a free press and States members should not cavil when they come under fire. What is true for members generally applies in spades to ministers. They have to have the thickest of skins and to laugh off, or maybe just shrug off, the daily critical assault.

Pre-school education is the next step

THREE years ago, highly-respected head teacher Denis Mulkerrin was asked to run his ruler over the primary school sector. It was the pudding that came after the secondary school main course following the scandal of hidden failures in GCSE results.