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‘There’s no money left’: David Cameron holds up Labour MP Liam Byrne’s ill-thought-out handover letter following the UK General Election in 2010.

The period of calm will not last long for new Assembly

With presidents and committee members being decided with barely a murmur of disquiet, the new States Assembly may now be entering a period of relative calm, says Nick Mann. Now is a time quite different to the ‘policy-making whirlwind’ of the end of the last term – it is now the time for committees to get a shared vision in place before drawing up new policies in a hurry

Has minister already decided direction of education policy?

AS A former Guernsey Sports Commissioner I was delighted to read the headline of an article in the Guernsey Press on the 14 May attributed to the newly-elected president of Education, Sport and Culture, ‘Education, sport and culture will be treated in the same way’. He further expanded, ‘I am a listening deputy. My philosophy is to look, listen and learn, to review and research before making an informed decision and that means talking to the experts.’ The sentiment has also been echoed by a recently elected member of the new committee that sport and culture will not be marginalised. I applaud this view and I am hopeful this augurs well for the future of sport (and culture) in Guernsey.

Leadership lacking on election day

AS THE dust settled on yesterday’s presidency elections signs emerged of pressure ahead under the new structure. Faced with a choice at Education between a continuity candidate which endorsed last term’s vote to end selection and one who wants it reversed, the States easily backed the latter.

This ‘government’ is not working – who will fix it?

It’s game over for this Assembly. Who’s going to make sure we get a better one next time?

We are a hotbed of revolutionary change led by our monarchist, communist, conservative, socialist, liberal, fascist coalition, presided over by anarchists who don’t believe in plans or order, says Horace. So who’s going to speak up and sort this out?

Next States could U-turn decision to scrap 11-plus


ATTEMPTS to reverse the States' historic decision to scrap selection are ‘pretty well inevitable’ next term, Treasury minister Gavin St Pier has said, as the States voted through radical secondary education changes that include closing a school.

School’s ‘devoted’ teachers working to achieve what States could never do

SOMEHOW my previous teachers at La Mare de Carteret are being made to feel as though they have failed me and my peers as well as themselves, therefore making the pupils of La Mare feel as though they are worthless and below the standard of the States of Guernsey. This is unfair and I would have to say that this is ‘below the belt’ Gavin St Pier. By saying that closing La Mare is the ‘only logical and sensible approach’ you are both degrading those who teach there and those who go to school there, you are also saying that by closing La Mare you are ridding the island of a school that has cost the States time and money, as well as saying that the teaching at the school is below the standard that you would expect from a school on Guernsey.

Union: States has created ‘a turmoil of uncertainty’


A ‘TURMOIL of uncertainty’ has fallen on parents, pupils and staff under the controversial vote to close a secondary school in Guernsey and move to a three-school model, the largest teachers’ union, the NASUWT, has warned.