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Pre-school education is the next step

THREE years ago, highly-respected head teacher Denis Mulkerrin was asked to run his ruler over the primary school sector. It was the pudding that came after the secondary school main course following the scandal of hidden failures in GCSE results.

CFE moves closer to single site


THE College of Further Education campus at Delancey could be vacated in 2017 as it works towards bringing all its students onto a single site.

If you really believe that ‘every child matters’, then... it’s time to end the 11-plus

LAST week I attended one of the Education Department’s focus groups as part of its public consultation into the future of secondary education in Guernsey. As a research exercise it was, to put it kindly, a bit of a joke. The research company had been asked to get us to try to reach consensus about the same sort of questions as were asked in the full online survey.

St Andrew’s pupils integrate smoothly


AVERAGE class sizes at St Martin’s Primary School have grown by two pupils each since the closure of St Andrew’s School, but everyone is integrating well, according to the head teacher.

Pre-school debate raises many questions

Peter Roffey believes in funding free pre-school hours, but takes issue with the way the States have gone about debating it. (Sergey Novikov/Shutterstock)

Whether – and how – to fund free pre-school places has raised questions for Peter Roffey about the way the States examines and debates potential policies. And while he believes there is merit in finding the money for this, he suggests several other proposals where the same principles apply

Shotgun marriage ends badly

IT IS safe to say that Education and Treasury will not be holding a joint Christmas party this year. Having clashed badly over building new schools at La Mare de Carteret the two departments were tasked 17 months ago with finding some way of funding free pre-school education.

Now is the time to fight for schools

IN A few short months Education will return to the States with the results of its Your Schools Your Choice consultation. It is not difficult to imagine proposals which would revolutionise the education service and provoke anger, division and strong emotions.

Budget failures show a legacy of broken promises

Politics money shot

A detailed look at the latest Budget makes for grim reading – and the string of failures and Treasury’s intention to stall voting on £120m. of projects until next term is a big blow to public confidence. People who had hoped that this would be a ‘States of Change’ probably didn’t expect those changes to be for the worse...

A matter of understanding


With so many big issues before the States, and a few of them controversial, Neil Ross’s Emile has plenty to tell his cousin Eugene. From education to Condor, the Leopardess to our relationships with other places – it’s all about money and ‘understandings’

Late for the bell

The education debate is badly timed, Peter Roffey believes, but vital nonetheless. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 10958250)

As islanders offer their views to the States on the future of Guernsey’s education system, Peter Roffey examines the problems with the timing and suggests it could prove divisive come election time

The future of education is up for debate

TODAY lights the fire of a debate that will rage through to the end of this political term and beyond. It is a discussion on the shape of education for the foreseeable future and therefore a debate on the coming shape of island society.