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A numbers issue

Do we have enough pupils to warrant four state senior schools? The debate over La Mare de Carteret School’s redevelopment continues. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 8200531)

Whether or not to rebuild La Mare de Carteret is almost a two-part question, according to Peter Roffey – are there enough pupils now and in the future for the current number of schools and should they be selected? Regardless of the emotional issues, he suggests the problem of changing demographics demands debate 

La Mare pays the price for lack of love

LIKE an unloved child, La Mare de Carteret has always been bottom of the States’ priority list. Fourteen years ago, when the Education Council presented its radical plans to end the 11-plus and close two secondary schools, La Mare and St Peter Port were the unlucky pair.

Treasury must present its evidence

EVIDENCE-BASED decision-making was the mantra meant to characterise this States. Gone, in theory, were the days when departments could present to the States flimsy, fact-free arguments with all the options uncosted.

Treasury up to their necks in education

ON THE eve of publication of a report that was originally meant to be about rebuilding La Mare, Treasury and Resources has set hares running that it will not be able to stop. In deciding to meet with the Grammar PTA last week it has created instability and left the public to wonder just who is in charge of the island’s education system.

Students let down by ‘awful mistake’

HAVING now read the review report on LMDC, I get a sense of deja vu. I think if Dr Christopher Nicholls was shown a copy of the Education Department’s green paper from 2000/2001, ‘A New Direction for Local Education’, he would laugh out loud. He would surely ask: ‘Why, when you had the answers back then, did you not implement them?’

Two primaries over-subscribed

Jon Buckland

PARENTS of 13 primary school beginners have been forced to send children to schools they did not choose after an over-subscription in some catchments.