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We’re smart too

THE things I have read in the Guernsey Press from the Wednesday 12 February issue have infuriated me. I (being a student at a high school) have had to suffer sneering comments from people at the Grammar School, who believe that they are ‘superior’ to us... and quite frankly, I have had enough.

Questions misconstrued

I AM writing in response to the article on page four of the Guernsey Press dated 12 February. The PTA called a meeting for parents to be given an opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns on the Education board’s federation proposals. Mr Buckland and Mr Brown kindly agreed to attend on short notice, to answer any questions and deal with any concerns directly.

School changes will be driven by teachers

I WOULD like to the thank the Guernsey Press for its supportive editorial comment on Wednesday 5 February and acknowledge that the Education Department can always do better with the way it communicates exciting initiatives such as the Guernsey federation of secondary schools to its staff, students and the wider community. On behalf of the Education board, I welcome this opportunity to provide some greater clarity on the proposals and address some of the misconceptions currently circulating.

Breaking down the school silos

OVER the last few days the discussion forum on our relaunched guernseypress.com website has received hundreds of comments from islanders over the Education Department’s plans to federate the five secondary schools. Most are either critical, hostile or suspicious and it is clear that many harbour doubts about the department’s motives for moving towards a collaborative approach and certainly about its effectiveness.

Message is a strong one to sell

SPEND 20 minutes talking to the Education minister and his chief officer and the potential benefits of their federated approach to secondary schooling become obvious.