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‘Only logical and sensible approach is close La Mare’


A DECISION over the future size and structure of secondary education in Guernsey hangs in the balance today, after Treasury minister Gavin St Pier said the only ‘logical, obvious and sensible’ approach was to close La Mare de Carteret High.

Selection may yet rise from its death bed

IN A QUIRK of States procedure deputies barely had time to register yesterday’s historic decision to end school selection at 11 before they were asked to vote again on exactly the same question in reverse. Yes, HM Procureur told confused deputies, the first vote would be entirely null and void if enough deputies changed their mind with the ink barely dry on the first vote sheet.

States votes to scrap 11 plus in its current form

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The States has voted to scrap the 11 plus in its current form. But debate will continue tomorrow on the future of secondary education with a bid expected to be made to introduce a new form of selection instead.

Selection process is not the problem

WITH reference to the letter by Gervase Ashton Certain, Ed, BA, MEd, in the Guernsey Press of 1 March. It makes me angry that an educational professional (according to their post-nominal letters) can write about ‘young people deemed failures at 11’. The selection process decides which route the child takes (i.e. vocational via the high schools, or academic via the Grammar School) and should not be seen as pass/fail.

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Neil Ross’ Emile has had his calculator out and it’s telling him some worrying things. Over its four-year term, he calculates, this States has lost an average of about £2.5m. every year by getting things wrong. ‘I bet they don’t put that in their manifestos,’ he tells cousin Eugene...