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States to have education choice


EDUCATION is going to ask the States to back the decision of the previous Assembly on secondary education or give it a new mandate.

Education president must resign

A PAINFUL extraction of information about the future of secondary education yesterday revealed an Education president at odds with his committee and out of his depth in the role. The inadequacy of Deputy Paul Le Pelley’s opening statement soon became clear as deputy after deputy confessed to being thoroughly flummoxed. It eventually transpired that there had been a change of heart at a meeting of the board on Tuesday and its president was on the losing side.

Deputies and officers must work as one

THE worst-kept secret in island politics finally spilled onto the airwaves this weekend as the vice president of Education went public with his grievances about the committee’s civil servants. By the genteel standards of the unspoken relationship between the elected and the professionals it was an extraordinary attack. Unnamed officers are attempting to influence policy by bringing their own opinions to the table and pursuing their own agendas. The committee is making little headway because their policies are not being translated into action.

States finds three ways to juggle hot potatoes


Instead of States assemblies moving in a linear direction and coalescing around major policy ideas in a timely fashion, Nick Mann ventures that governments just can’t help but revisit the same old ground in order to put their own stamp on proceedings. And with committees running off down blind alleyways, complexity is added to issues that have already been thoroughly analysed

‘Teachers know best on selection’


‘LISTEN to the teachers’, politicians have been urged, as unions attack any moves to try to retain selective education and U-turn on the last States’ decision.