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School vision deserves its sporting life

THE debate over how much to spend on sports facilities at the new La Mare de Carteret Schools will be worrying for the island’s sporting community, which already fears some important lessons have not been learned.

Problems at La Mare arrive too late

GIVEN that the schools at La Mare de Carteret passed their 25-year lifespan at the turn of the century and have been high on the agenda for redevelopment ever since, it is disappointing that the States will be under considerable time pressure over its decision in November.

La Mare rebuild plans finally unveiled


LONG-AWAITED £60m. plans to rebuild La Mare De Carteret schools, which are today revealed by Education, have been hit by opposition from Treasury in its bid to potentially delay, scale-down and strip millions from the project.

La Mare rebuild may cost £60m.


DEPUTIES will be asked to approve spending nearly £60m. to rebuild La Mare de Carteret Primary and High Schools, Education minister Robert Sillars has confirmed.

A road test for Education’s big vision

WITH the new school term starting next week comes the acid test of Education’s assurance that it could close schools without damaging children’s learning.

Education fails 11-plus duty of care

THE measure of an organisation is often best judged by what it does when things go wrong, not when all is rosy. Every business or government body makes mistakes at some stage and has to pick up the pieces. Some do it much better than others.

States, cut costs first

THE report released by the CGI, the Chamber of Commerce and Giba points to the problems with respect to introducing GST and notes that ‘there has been an increase in States pay between 2006 and now of £40m. – which would wipe out the deficit’.

Sleep walking into disaster?

AFTER the recent proposals regarding the future education of our children, I thought I would sit back and wait for the stream of letters to the Guernsey Press from anxious islanders.

Vision must be applied with direction

THIS week’s political events in the UK have only served to highlight why Guernsey is right to be cautious of blindly following educational reforms being trumpeted by whichever politician happens to be in charge.

Self-review system will not quiet critics

THE Education minister’s confirmation that the department is finally to be inspected is welcome. But what sort of review will it be? The minister says it will cover the board and its officers ‘and it will be covering everything involved in the way things work’.

Review of Education is promised


NO ONE will escape scrutiny under a root-and-branch inspection of the Education Department that aims to drive standards and improvements, minister Robert Sillars yesterday pledged.