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Chance for change tied up in red tape

THE imminent departure of the principal of the Guernsey College for Further Education is an indictment of the island’s ability to embrace change. In the short time she has been working in the island it has become clear that Saboohi Famili is a visionary leader capable of effecting a genuine and much-needed transformation in tertiary education. That she should leave after just two years, frustrated at the bureaucracy and inertia that became insurmountable barriers to what needed to be done, is a heavy blow to those who wish to see education develop and prosper.

Has new deputy made a political U-turn already?

MANY St Sampson’s voters believed Carl Meerveld when he stated that he was against selection, and believed that he had done the research. He said he had and would hold the anti-selection line. However, it appears that, once elected, he has favoured popularity with fellow ministers for his own status within the States.

The period of calm will not last long for new Assembly

‘There’s no money left’: David Cameron holds up Labour MP Liam Byrne’s ill-thought-out handover letter following the UK General Election in 2010.

With presidents and committee members being decided with barely a murmur of disquiet, the new States Assembly may now be entering a period of relative calm, says Nick Mann. Now is a time quite different to the ‘policy-making whirlwind’ of the end of the last term – it is now the time for committees to get a shared vision in place before drawing up new policies in a hurry

Has minister already decided direction of education policy?

AS A former Guernsey Sports Commissioner I was delighted to read the headline of an article in the Guernsey Press on the 14 May attributed to the newly-elected president of Education, Sport and Culture, ‘Education, sport and culture will be treated in the same way’. He further expanded, ‘I am a listening deputy. My philosophy is to look, listen and learn, to review and research before making an informed decision and that means talking to the experts.’ The sentiment has also been echoed by a recently elected member of the new committee that sport and culture will not be marginalised. I applaud this view and I am hopeful this augurs well for the future of sport (and culture) in Guernsey.

Islands look at joining forces on education


EDUCATION departments of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man are exploring the possibility of jointly approaching the UK to ask for islanders to be able to access the Student Loans Scheme.

P&R yet to plot a course for four-year journey


It’s nearly three weeks since the general election and the States is still sorting out internal matters such as committee presidents and members. But even this early in its four-year lifespan, Nick Mann can see tensions arising and wonders how some big political names will fit into the new landscape

Leadership lacking on election day

AS THE dust settled on yesterday’s presidency elections signs emerged of pressure ahead under the new structure. Faced with a choice at Education between a continuity candidate which endorsed last term’s vote to end selection and one who wants it reversed, the States easily backed the latter.