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Uni plans are grand - but not risk-free

GUERNSEY’S chief minister insists that a lot of progress is being made in pursuing plans to establish a University of the Channel Islands in Guernsey and officials are working with the private business behind it to ensure it happens.

We’re smart too

THE things I have read in the Guernsey Press from the Wednesday 12 February issue have infuriated me. I (being a student at a high school) have had to suffer sneering comments from people at the Grammar School, who believe that they are ‘superior’ to us... and quite frankly, I have had enough.

Questions misconstrued

I AM writing in response to the article on page four of the Guernsey Press dated 12 February. The PTA called a meeting for parents to be given an opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns on the Education board’s federation proposals. Mr Buckland and Mr Brown kindly agreed to attend on short notice, to answer any questions and deal with any concerns directly.