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Students let down by ‘awful mistake’

HAVING now read the review report on LMDC, I get a sense of deja vu. I think if Dr Christopher Nicholls was shown a copy of the Education Department’s green paper from 2000/2001, ‘A New Direction for Local Education’, he would laugh out loud. He would surely ask: ‘Why, when you had the answers back then, did you not implement them?’

Two primaries over-subscribed

Jon Buckland

PARENTS of 13 primary school beginners have been forced to send children to schools they did not choose after an over-subscription in some catchments.

Transparent government is an education

TRANSPARENT government is not always a comfortable ride. It is easy, for example, to see why some deputies were reluctant to release the independent review of the La Mare de Carteret rebuild.

We need to rationalise

La Mare de Carteret High School is ‘the most flexible site and one in a highly populated area’. (Picture by Brian Green, 7747371)

Having one fewer States-run secondary school makes financial and educational sense to Peter Roffey. He puts forward his case 14 years after backing Education’s 2001 proposal – a plan that he suggests has been proven right