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Long wait for debate continues...

WHILE it’s always good to know our politicians are in ‘listening mode’, at some stage we’d far prefer to see some action. News this week that the Education, Sport & Culture president is refusing to give a firm (or even ball-park) date on when a proposed £64m. rebuild of La Mare de Carteret High School and plans for the future of secondary education might return to the States has been met with derision by the many who view it as blatant backtracking. Previously he had apparently pledged to return with proposals by the autumn to overturn a decision by the former States to end selection and review the possible closure of one secondary school.

Former minister fears impact of education debate delays effects


FURTHER uncertainty over the La Mare de Carteret School rebuild and the future of secondary education is having a wider impact on the economy, particularly the construction industry, the former education minister has warned, as he urged the new committee to ‘listen to the professionals’.

Big education debate will have to wait

Paul Le Pelley

REBUILDING La Mare de Carteret High School and the future of secondary education might not come back to the States this year, its committee president has revealed.

The lazy days of summer are about to end for States


When it comes to Guernsey’s consensus model of politics, it takes a while for a new States Assembly to get up to speed on matters – including introducing new members to the intricacies of our government, says Nick Mann. And while there may be brief flashes of excitement during this relatively quiet period of an Assembly’s term, it will take what will feel to outsiders like an inordinate amount of time for any real agreement on high-level policies to be reached

Delight for campaigners as war memorial plans pulled


A CONTROVERSIAL planning application to move the Smith Street war memorial and create a piazza at the Sunken Gardens has been withdrawn by the Education, Sport & Culture committee, after politicians decided they did not have enough information about the project and that it was beyond their remit.

Why did committee not trust teacher-led survey?

I REPLY to some of the online comments questioning the validity of the teachers’ survey which follow the article http://guernseypress.com/news/2016/06/27/teachers-poll-shows-more-than-70-against-selection/ So there we have it, the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture carried out its very own survey of education professionals asking them, ‘Are you in favour of selection by ability at age 11 for admission to secondary school?’ requiring a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. So we waited to see if their results were going to be similar to the survey carried out by the teachers themselves a couple of weeks earlier (which was 71% against selection). Only then would we know if the claim that there was a 50/50 teachers’ split on selection was true or not.

Teachers’ selection is clear

WHAT was already a tough in-tray for Education to deal with has become an even trickier task with a strong majority of teachers making it clear that they believe selection should go. A survey organised by those in the profession showed 70% supported the States decision last term to move to all-ability secondary schools – this compares with 21% who would support a different form of selection. In electing Deputy Paul Le Pelley as Education, Sport & Culture president, the States put in a man it knew backed an alternative form of selection to the 11-plus.

Games needs beds as much as funding

THE Guernsey Island Games Association will find out later this summer if its bid to host the event in 2021 is successful. And while the States has agreed to at least £750,000 of funding, it acknowledges further costs will likely be incurred improving sports facilities. What was only briefly covered in Education, Sport & Culture’s proposals, though, is the question of accommodation for the likely 3,500 competitors, spectators, officials and media the sporting spectacle will attract. Plus any other visitors staying during the Games.