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Pollet plans: What exactly is the point of planners?

I listened with interest to Deputy Burford’s comments on the phone-in on Sunday (31 January) regarding development at the Lower Pollet. Like many islanders I am appalled at this proposal. Potentially three diverse locally owned tax paying businesses (and a convenience store) could be destroyed, and replaced by a large supermarket that will be part of a UK multinational.

The bar is set high for environment

NO ONE is against biodiversity. Unlike climate change, even on the far fringes of scientific opinion there is nobody arguing that we need fewer species or less attention paid to the damage humans are doing to the world. So when Treasury and Resources says it cannot support spending £80,000 on a biodiversity strategy no one should accuse them of being anti-environment.

No evidence that St Martin’s houses are ‘much needed’

DEPUTY HADLEY’S blasé dismissal of the concerns of local residents was wrong to repeat Island Development Ltd’s assertion that their proposed development on land behind Les Galeries conforms to States policy (Open Lines, 2 October, 2015).

Locals without a bus due to cruise passenger day-trips

I WAS talking to a neighbour who was absolutely fuming last Friday. She had gone to the Bridge for some shopping and she waited 55 minutes for a bus back to L’Ancresse. The round-the-island bus arrived, full to the brim with cruise passengers on their ridiculously cheap £1 island tour, heavily subsidised, of course, by the Guernsey taxpayer. This was followed by the number 11 I think it was, which was also full. Many people on board were holding their Guernsey maps, so presumably also cruise passengers.

A lack of trust is no laughing matter


The Environment Department’s refusal to go public over the expert advice given on the Town Quay road layout and courtesy crossing has given islanders even less reason to trust their elected representatives. And, says Nick Mann, it makes people wonder what else may be hidden

Cycle club boss warns more safety still needed at Salerie


LOW cost, quick-fire projects could make a major difference to the safety of the Salerie Corner cycle path, the Guernsey Velo Club president has said, after the Environment Department announced it had no plans for any initiatives owing to a lack of funding.

Harbours face bill to man Quay crossing

crossing cops_900

THE Harbour Authority will have to pay up to £30,000 this year for off-duty police officers or traffic wardens to man the courtesy crossing at The Quay after Environment raised safety concerns for when larger cruise liners are visiting.

Monkey bars to be ‘modified’


A PART of the new playground at Saumarez Park has been temporarily cordoned off while it is modified to reduce the risk of a child falling.