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Appeal hears Manor not viable as a hotel

Manor Hotel

UPGRADING Manor Hotel into a two- or three-star hotel would not be a viable option, the company which wants to convert it into a residential care home argued yesterday.

Keep an open mind on Tracy Island

THE plans showing the proposed £20m. makeover for a new Idlerocks hotel have come as a surprise to many. And already the scheme, unveiled on Friday, is polarising opinion.

Hands free on the great strategy

WHEN a tanned and relaxed Environment minister saunters back into the world of work some time next month, he will have a scant week to get up to speed on the reaction to his long-awaited road transport strategy. And if the mood music from Frossard House and elsewhere is any guide, it will not be favourable.

‘Once in...’ coming all the sooner

AS GUERNSEY cleans up after the big tides and gales, some will be wondering whether the flooding is as a result of rising sea levels caused by climate change. The real risk arises, however, from storms where tidal surge, low pressure and wind direction coincide, leading to significant over-topping of flood defences, as happened yesterday.