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Out-of-Town shops need support too

‘All stakeholders, including the States, landlords, retailers, staff and shoppers, are important and need to be seen to be playing their part in the ongoing success of Guernsey retail.’

Cash gap will force strategy off the roads

THE seeds of destruction sown in November by more than 2,000 people gathered in the North Beach car park bore fruit yesterday as width and emissions taxes were given short shrift.

Burying Belle Greve’s dirty little secret

THE rising tide of costs for the sewage outfall pipes at Belle Greve has long been a source of concern for those who believe estimates have been deliberately underplayed to make a sewage-treatment plant look unacceptably expensive.

First stop on long road for bus service

THOSE who subscribe to the view that ‘it’s better the devil you know’ may be relatively unconcerned at news that CT Plus is to run the island’s bus service for the next five years, possibly longer.

Crossing the boundaries of bureaucracy

A WEEK ago, this column looked at the huge decisions facing the States over the coming year. From pensions and population to taxes and waste, deputies and civil servants have their work cut out.

Proposed tax is wrong

SHAME on our States members and their civil masters, if that is what they are. I believe this whole business of air pollution is a cover-up for a hidden agenda to increase taxation.