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Car tax debate delayed


DEBATE on Environment’s controversial plans to introduce a width and CO2 car tax has been delayed until next month.

Car taxes delayed but not dumped


ENVIRONMENT has slammed the brakes on its controversial width and C02 tax proposals, but the department is just stalling for time and will seek to pass them when ‘we least expect it’, according to the leader of a campaign against the taxes.

Electric cars aren’t carbon-free, what about the batteries?

FURTHER to the vehicle-tax debate and the so-called subsidies proposed by Environment on small, efficient cars, I would argue that the ‘subsidies’ quoted by the States are in fact ‘tax breaks’, as the only saving is the tax, there being no payment by the States to offset the higher basic cost of an electric vehicle over a standard-engine vehicle.

A wider solution

DEAR Vale deputies I am sure that you will be inundated with parishioners contacting you concerning the new vehicle width/emissions tax. I make no apology for adding to that correspondence.

Planners back 45m Castel mast

The existing TV mast at Route de L’Eglise, Castel. It will be rebuilt 80m south west of its current site, if the Environment Department agrees with planners. (6291112)

A 45-METRE high lattice tower is likely to be built in the Castel after planners gave it the thumbs up, despite objections from neighbours.

Revised kiosk design gets go ahead

CT Plus has been given the go-ahead to put a new kiosk at the bus terminus in Town after submitting revised plans which do not include the structure being painted the bright yellow and green of the company’s colours. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 6020524)

TONED-DOWN plans for the bus terminus kiosk have been approved by planners, after it was decided the original scheme would harm the historic area.

Get ready for the long and winding road

YOU know it is going to be bad when the apologies come in a month before the roadworks are even due to start. It is a safe bet that motorists trying to get from Town to the airport or past it will struggle to maintain their cool as they negotiate an alternative route through six parishes.