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Meaning of cycle path white lines is ‘obscure’

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THE meaning of three white lines marked on the cycle and pedestrian path where cyclist David Allison was killed is ‘so obscure’ that even an experienced police sergeant had to telephone the Environment Department in order to establish what they meant, it has been revealed.

MD loses tribunal appeal for cafe at Stan Brouard

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EVEN a 5,000-signature petition was not enough to get approval for a cafe at Stan Brouard, as an independent planning tribunal ruled that the Landes du Marche site was too far from a rural centre to be allowed.

Bus service ideas sought

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SUGGESTIONS about how to make an ‘ideal’ Guernsey bus service are being sought by Environment.

Environment monolith rumbles on

NEW Environment minister Yvonne Burford is right to insist that the job is much bigger than paid parking and the transport strategy.

Transparent need for more open decisions

‘MUST do better.’ In the face of two damning indictments from the Planning Appeals Panel, the Environment minister’s response is wholly appropriate – and barely adequate.