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Condor has ‘no real back-up’ for Liberation

HAVING sent in a few letters to your paper since the ill-thought-out purchase of the Liberation, which together with other readers’ letters seem to have had zero effect on Condor, I had more or less decided to ‘hang up my pen’ but Deputy Jennifer Merrett’s excellent statement in a Guernsey Press article on 12 May prompts me to write in support of her ambition to get Condor Ferries to obtain a new UK ferry. Deputy Merrett correctly says Condor has no real back-up if the Liberation doesn’t sail. Her proposal to re-introduce a third UK ferry is an eminently sensible business proposition and if Guernsey is to grow the sea visitor tourism sector back to the 2014/2015 levels, it needs more scheduled sailings and more back-up. The years 2014/2015 are the last period when we had three UK ferries (instead of just two as now) and many more scheduled sailings to/from Guernsey... as such these are the years Condor has to compare present figures against.

Condor try to draw support from States

THOSE looking for easy answers and quick fixes will be sorely disappointed by Condor’s service review. In exhaustive detail, the report tells anyone willing to wade through its 212 pages that while it recognises the demands of the public and politicians for a more reliable, flexible and resilient service that can only come at a cost. So while the ferry company is working hard on customer care, turnaround times and communication, more fundamental changes such as buying new ships or more convenient departure and arrival times are not going to happen without States backing.

Turning the tide for passengers

THERE was a distinct, salty whiff of Murphy’s Law in the air yesterday when Condor suffered yet another day of complaints and disruption. It came just hours after an upbeat interview in this newspaper marking its CEO’s first 100 days in the job, in which he announced that reliability was its number one priority. Improving customer service was up there too, as well as moving ferry services off the political agenda.

Park and ride


The new States are going to have to sort out the transport links, that’s for sure, says Neil Ross’s Emile. After all, the present lot were supposed to put in a transport strategy, but look what’s happened. We’ve ended up with a short runway, an unreliable ferry and a toy train going round Town...

A better fleet could be on the horizon

AS AN observer at Friday’s crunch meeting between Condor and the governments of Guernsey and Jersey, Deputy Paul Luxon was ideally placed to understand the needs of both sides.

Condor Liberation is not out of its depth

I HATE to differ with such an expert on maritime and meteorological affairs as Condor’s corporate communications manager, but if she cares to look at an appropriate chart (I recommend webapp.navionics.com) she will see that the waters around Las Islas Canarias where the Benchijuga Express operates successfully are about 3,000 metres deep whereas the waters in the Channel where the Liberation is attempting to provide a year round service are about 100 metres deep.

Condor cancels UK sailings and day trips


DAMAGE to Condor Liberation’s exhaust system is worse than previously feared, the company has announced, and all its UK sailings today [Saturday] are cancelled.

Condor kept us in dark, say passengers


FURIOUS passengers yesterday accused Condor of keeping them in the dark for hours, as hundreds of people missed trips, holidays and found themselves stranded after Liberation pulled away from Guernsey without stopping on Monday.

Ferry feedback bad for island

I HAVE become concerned to read several letters from the UK in the Guernsey Press over the last few months that have been sent by tourists complaining about their experiences on the Condor Liberation.

Condor gets backing for signs about staff abuse

Condor Ferries 2015

CONDOR Liberation’s crew should not be in the firing line for problems that are not their fault, ferry passengers said yesterday, as they supported moves to ban people who abuse or threaten staff.