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‘Drain the swamp’... our own ‘career politicians’ are making costly decisions

I CANNOT but comment and express my complete disgust and dissatisfaction with our career politicians and their costly decisions which are to burden the local taxpayer while lining the pockets of business. With their latest decision, our employees (deputies) have in my opinion scored an amazing ‘own goal’ – that being the idiotic waste strategy and the resulting costs the public are to incur as a result. However, the ‘own goal’ to which I refer is the decision not to impose restrictions on burning garden waste on one’s property.

Fly-tipper caught on CCTV

This CCTV footage of Skaidris Kaugars, showing him dumping a TV in Petites Fontaines, helped to get him convicted of fly-tipping.

A JUDGE has labelled the actions of a 52-year-old man caught fly-tipping as 'environmental hooliganism'.

Fly-tippers blight Ron Short Walk

THE National Trust of Guernsey’s head of estate management has branded fly-tipping on the Ron Short Walk as totally irresponsible.

Clearer signs to combat dumping

SIGNAGE at bring banks could be made clearer in an attempt to reduce instances of contaminated and overflowing recycling bins.