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Barcelona or bust...

I UNDERSTAND that Aurigny has recently announced new routes to Luton, Leeds Bradford and Norwich which, during my long service in ground handling at the airport, have all been trialled and failed by previous airlines over the years.

More gloom for travellers - Blue Islands/Flybe deal reduces competition even further

THE news that Blue Islands may become part of the Flybe group has, understandably, been greeted with disappointment. This is what the travelling public do not want to hear. Fondly known as ‘fly-may-be’ to many, the airline has a history of taking over new routes (sometimes at the expense of other operators) and then disappearing from the scene. One of their latest decisions has been to pull out of Bournemouth, where so much had been promised.

BlueFly deal leaves room to cut capacity

STRONG words from Blue Islands over the weekend helped fill some of the information vacuum created by the end of the Aurigny codeshare. Commerce and Employment’s low-key decision in November to relax the rules and allow Flybe to compete without restriction on the inter-island route is branded naïve, ill-informed and disruptive by Blue Islands.

What next for Aurigny if not inter-island?

JUST what is Aurigny for? And how much is the island willing to pay for it? Those are the key questions – the Treasury minister calls it a grown-up conversation – that need to be settled once and for all about the islanders’ airline.

Booked early for ‘cheap fares’

I HOPE your readers will forgive another letter about our local airline, but I felt compelled to put pen to paper. We are travelling to Paris in eight months’ time and I recently went online to book our flights. For three adults, one child and one infant flying with easyJet on a one-hour and 20-minute flight from Gatwick cost £460. There was no charge for the infant.

Scrap ‘open skies’

The smaller an island community, the more important good connectivity becomes – but the harder it is to achieve. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 9377293)

As the Scrutiny Committee looks at our air links, Peter Roffey suggests that sole operators are the way forward – but with agreements that would protect islanders

Flybe ‘has form’ with flight changes

Following your recent item about Flybe’s decision to alter flight times, I thought those affected by that decision might be interested in my experience following the airline’s decision to (all but) cancel the Guernsey-Southampton route last October.

Last-minute seats need protecting, says Aurigny

I HAVE just read Martin Nickolls’ letter on the relative costs of flying to Gatwick and Malcolm Coupar’s response. Mr Coupar, when Aurigny starts to turn in a profit, you can boast about some of your flights being 85% full. Until then, why not stop penalising customers who, for whatever reason, are unable to book three months-plus in advance?