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Rubbish may never find its way to Sweden

MUCH has to be taken on trust when it comes to the announcement that Guernsey’s waste should be sent to Sweden. Public Services say that it is not only the cheapest of the options on the table, it is also the most environmentally friendly.

Proud to help play fair by all

AMIDST the furore surrounding the 11-plus row and island-wide voting, an important anniversary attracted little airtime in the States last week. Yet for some of the most disadvantaged producers and poorest people on our planet, the island’s role in helping bring about a transformation in international trading through the Fairtrade movement has been life-changing.

Waste: our time and money

The Public Services Department has found glass kerbside recycling to be too expensive. So what now? (Picture by Tom Tardif, 11167190)

The strategy for waste and recycling has taken aeons to arrive and the projected costs of every element are steadily rising. Picking his way through the masterplan is causing Peter Roffey a lot of head-scratching – and there are still more questions than answers

Cafe fined after inspections

Clarona Ltd wants to erect a pitched roof storage building, alter fenestration in the lobby of its existing building, remove a window and install a door at Boulangerie Victor Hugo, Bouillon Lane, St George’s Esplanade. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 1316347)

OWNERS of the Boulangerie Victor Hugo’s premises at Bouillon Lane were fined a total of £9,000 at Magistrate's Court, after Environmental Health officers exposed hygiene concerns. 

Firm fined £2,000 for 25 dead mice found in ceiling

Cobo Food Hall

STAFF saw rodents scurrying around Cobo Food Hall, the Magistrate’s Court was told yesterday, when the company which owns it, Sandpiper CI, faced the legal consequences of the infestation which led to the shop’s temporary closure in October.

Banish food waste is best answer – PSD

Scott Ogier

PUBLIC SERVICES said it was best not to produce food waste in the ‘first place’, when facing questions over the possibility of higher bills after scrapping a key element of its waste strategy.