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Post to deliver changes


CREATING new parcel collection points, simplifying the returns process and consolidating ‘once over the ground’ postal deliveries are some of the practical changes Guernsey Post plans to make in the next year.

Post delivers on pension negotiations

FROM the outside at least, Guernsey Post’s new pension agreement appears a victory in communication. It also seems near miraculous that due to successful negotiations between staff and management, the company has secured a 98% buy-in from its heavily unionised workforce for a defined contribution scheme. The ‘Care’ scheme approach put forward by the States in its own negotiations with public sector staff, which retains an element of defined benefit – when the worker knows what pension he or she is entitled to receive – was never going to be a great option for a utility like Guernsey Post, surviving on its own cash rather than the public purse.

Post to go it alone on pension scheme


GUERNSEY Post staff have almost unanimously agreed to a new contribution pension scheme, after the company decided that the States’ controversial career average scheme did not go far enough.

Delivering the end of an era

NEWS that posties on their bikes are set to become an ever more increasingly rare sight feels like the quiet signalling of the end of an era. It also marks the apparently unstoppable trend in our island’s buying habits, along with all the challenges that brings with it for our embattled retail industry. Time was, the image of the Guernsey postie in distinctive uniform on their bike, whatever the weather, in and around our island roads was practically an iconic one.

Post to make big investment in automated parcel sorting


PLANS for a major investment in automated parcel sorting and the ongoing shift from bike to van deliveries will help Guernsey Post adapt to changing markets and bring future efficiencies, its chief executive, Boley Smillie, has said.

Guernsey Post’s pension deficit rockets by £8.3m


A ‘STAGGERING’ £8.3m. increase in the Guernsey Post pension scheme deficit – taking it to £25.1m. – has overshadowed positive trading results in a challenging industry, its chief executive Boley Smillie has warned.