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Gun issue highlights policing

REVELATIONS that not even Guernsey Police know how many weapons are being held in Sark, what type they are or how many people own them raise questions that go beyond simple gun control.

Sark failing to manage its gun risks

IT WAS an innocuous headline, ‘Police looking into Sark’s gun control’, but it could easily have been expressed another way: does Sark have any proper control of firearms at all?

Animal attraction

Syd trophy

SIR Peter Scott did it, but his friend - my great-uncle - Arthur Cadman did not. Great white hunters Syd Downey and Donald Ker did it, but many others of their ilk could not

Screamadelica Live

THERE are very limited options for somebody looking to be transported back to the early 90s, while avoiding the dangers of donning a shell suit and eating a fistful of ecstasy. Last Sunday however, Glaswegian rock titans Primal Scream offered a free nostalgic trip back.

Changing direction

THERE’S no doubt that in recent years the Guernsey States has developed a real problem in delivering large, controversial capital projects.

Let Chaos reign

‘I would give my right ****  to live there’ – yep, singer Lord Zion, of UK glam punk metal band Spit Like This, is looking forward to coming to Guernsey next weekend.

Gun laws update is delayed

NEARLY four years after the States agreed new gun laws they have still not been enacted, but the Home Department said they were ‘progressing well’.