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Prison fence spend should be more open

HOME Affair’s handling of the prison security project again raises questions about the States’ pledge to be open and transparent. There should be nothing to hide. The committee has decided to overturn its predecessor’s decision to build a second perimeter fence which would have brought the prison in line with UK standards for holding category B prisoners.

Plans for the seafront should be an election issue

IT WAS interesting and worrying to note that, according to the director of the Chamber of Commerce, their headline priority for 2016 should be the development of the harbours and the seafront when there are so many other pressing commercial issues to worry about. The director of the Chamber of Commerce further pointed out that ‘substantial’ funding should be found to finance this wholesale redevelopment; he mentions the use of bonds, hopefully he is not suggesting using the Guernsey Bond that is specifically dedicated for the consolidation of States-owned utility borrowings. I would point out that using money borrowed to consolidate debt for any capital project immediately creates island indebtedness.

Call for talks before any big harbour fees change

The Guernsey Boatowners Association has said that talks must take place before any major increases are made to harbour fees. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 10225511)

TALKS must be held before any major changes are introduced for harbour fees, the Guernsey Boatowners’ Association has said, with previous proposals for 100% hikes labelled ‘totally unacceptable’.

Full inquiry needed into ‘seafront fiasco’

HAVING attended the rally/protest meeting on Sunday 12 July it was interesting to listen to the comments of many of those who attended, insomuch as the seafront changes have become a focus for voicing a general discontent with the way this particular States Assembly is impacting on the everyday lives of islanders.

Minister defends ramp cost Tweet


A PEOPLE’S deputy must report the people’s views, the Housing minister said yesterday after raising concerns about a new pontoon via Twitter.

Seafront ‘hexperiment’ gone awry

NOW I’m not very good with money me, so the missus, she looks after the ‘ousekeeping. And maybe I’m missing something ‘ere, but those clever people to Public Works and Environment seem to ‘ave a strange way of saving money like all the departments are supposed to.

Chipping away at a gem of a Town

IF, AS the Countess of Wessex ventured, Guernsey is a jewel in the crown of the British Isles, then St Peter Port presents its finest facet.

‘Sarnian spring’ gets hit by fog

Emile cartoon April

The States are spending madly on ‘improvements’ we don’t want, inventing new taxes to pay for them and complaining about being £50m. short of funds they never had in the first place. No wonder people are leaving the island, says Neil Ross’ Emile

User pays is fairest way

FURTHER to R. Henderson’s letter, marina charges were calculated to pay for the marinas and the car parks over 15 years, so the users are well into paying a second time for them by now.

Harbour plans full of holes

CONGRATULATIONS to Guernsey Harbours for a very skilful PR exercise regarding future harbour development (I hope they had Environment permission for all those flags and banners?), but after much effort in accessing the online survey, which is leading people by the nose to the conclusion they want us to arrive at, it does beggar rather a lot of holes in their thinking.

Parts of harbour operations should be self-funding

IF YOU build it they will go... It seems many of us have completed the harbour plan survey and I know many of us are very frustrated and annoyed that some questions provide for only set answers, forcing one to choose from options that none of us would support.