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User pays is fairest way

FURTHER to R. Henderson’s letter, marina charges were calculated to pay for the marinas and the car parks over 15 years, so the users are well into paying a second time for them by now.

Harbour plans full of holes

CONGRATULATIONS to Guernsey Harbours for a very skilful PR exercise regarding future harbour development (I hope they had Environment permission for all those flags and banners?), but after much effort in accessing the online survey, which is leading people by the nose to the conclusion they want us to arrive at, it does beggar rather a lot of holes in their thinking.

Parts of harbour operations should be self-funding

IF YOU build it they will go... It seems many of us have completed the harbour plan survey and I know many of us are very frustrated and annoyed that some questions provide for only set answers, forcing one to choose from options that none of us would support.

No safety manager at harbour for 19 months

INSUFFICIENT focus was placed on health and safety at St Peter Port Harbour at the time when a docker lost two fingers, the Public Services minister admitted yesterday.