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What was the cost of Health rebrand?

I UNDERSTAND that the Health and Social Services Department now has a new title of Health & Social Care. Could someone please tell me why it was necessary to change this to Health & Social Care? We are living in a time when cuts are being made and clearly health is struggling at this time.

‘Leaner’ service will risk future health of islanders

YOUR editorial on 2 January says: ‘And then there is health. Having thrown money at the problem it is time to make good on the promise of a new leaner organisation which does the same excellent job at a greatly reduced cost.’ Money has not been ‘thrown at health’. In 2010 the spend of the department was £107,685,000. If that had kept up with inflation it would now be £128,979,000, £10m. more than it actually is. Keeping up with medical inflation and the increasing number of elderly people requiring medical treatment would have meant an even higher figure.

Deputies pressure HSSD on Fabry sufferer’s cause

Pic by Adrian Miller 27-07-15 Beau Sejour Centre Neil McMillan who suffers from Fabry disease and HSSD will not fund his treatment.

POLITICAL pressure is mounting on HSSD to reconsider its decision to deny life-prolonging treatment to charity volunteer Neil McMillan, as deputies support calls for a review of the case and investigation into funding policies.

HSSD ‘put under strain by insurers’


‘INDEFENSIBLE’ insurers are offering cash incentives to patients who let the overspending Health and Social Services pick up the bill for hospital treatment instead of going private, minister Paul Luxon warned, labelling it an ‘inequitable’ and ‘inappropriate’ strain.

Surgery delays stack up


MAJOR changes to Guernsey’s backlogged orthopaedic services are being investigated as Health and Social Services publicly apologises for delays facing more than 100 patients waiting for surgery.

Surgery raid defended by police chief


GUERNSEY’S Police Chief personally travelled to Alderney yesterday to defend the force’s search of a GP’s surgery in the wake of allegations the operation had been ‘heavy-handed’.

Third-sector help for HSSD’s new schemes


TWO schemes to help vulnerable children and families are being worked on by Health and Social Services with the help of experts outside of government in the third sector.