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Education is the answer to obesity

WITH the evils of tobacco on the ropes, health professionals are keen to go toe to toe with society’s next big opponent, obesity. It won’t be long before being overweight overtakes smoking as the number one cause of premature ill health and death.

Ambulance service on a long journey

THERE is much to welcome in the States report into the future of the island’s ambulance service. Giving operational oversight to Home, the same body which oversees the two other blue light services, makes perfect sense.

Healthy and safe start to the new year

Generic health and safety illustration, builder's helmet safety gloves HSE

THE Guernsey Occupational Safety and Health Association aims to get the new year off to a safe and healthy start with its annual promotional week this month.

‘Leaner’ service will risk future health of islanders

YOUR editorial on 2 January says: ‘And then there is health. Having thrown money at the problem it is time to make good on the promise of a new leaner organisation which does the same excellent job at a greatly reduced cost.’ Money has not been ‘thrown at health’. In 2010 the spend of the department was £107,685,000. If that had kept up with inflation it would now be £128,979,000, £10m. more than it actually is. Keeping up with medical inflation and the increasing number of elderly people requiring medical treatment would have meant an even higher figure.

Politicians must answer the big questions facing the island first

The Morecambe and Wise end-of-year TV Christmas specials were once as much a part of Christmas as a turkey dinner. One of their finest was 1971’s sketch with famous conductor Andre Previn. The scene sees the composer attempt to direct musical novice Eric Morecambe on the piano during a performance of Grieg’s A minor Piano Concerto, but it doesn’t quite go to plan.

Red meat defended at cafe

Halfway Cafe employee Alex Baum with one of its sausages, of which the St Sampson’s establishment dishes up around 400 a week.(Picture by Steve Sarre, 11541760)

PROCESSED foods and red meat should be eaten in moderation, a cafe owner and customers have said, following claims from the World Health Organisation that foods such as bacon, sausages and ham cause cancer.

New travellers’ health scheme proposed


INVESTIGATIONS will be held into the States covering the cost of healthcare and medical treatment of Guernsey residents while travelling in the UK, if deputies back the move.

‘Recruitment could be hit by healthcare doubt’

Dr Nigel Byrom is retiring from the MSG after being with the group since it started in 1992. (11509046)

UNCERTAINTY over the future structure, organisation and funding of Guernsey’s healthcare could impact on recruitment of doctors and confidence across the Bailiwick, a retiring Medical Specialist Group clinician has warned.

MSG negotiations more complex than we think

If the MSG did push it too far and the States decided to swap to providing their service in-house, then the folk up at Alexander House would lose out big time, says Peter Roffey.

Who should provide the island’s secondary healthcare? As negotiations for the renewal of the MSG’s contract continue, Peter Roffey, who was Health president during the last round, goes through the options

Fuel up, other rises to spend more on health


FUEL duty will be hiked, personal income tax allowances frozen and large retailers hit by tax increases, under a string of proposals in the 2016 Budget, to help cover a rising health budget.

Why make things easy?

The controversial road layout at the Quay has taken up a disproportionate amount of States departments’ time, and it was not an issue that Peter Roffey feels should have ended up involving the top brass. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 10284836)

Peter Roffey has plenty of sympathy for the States’ workload – until they choose to take the most difficult route. Here he examines three instances where their choice of path caused unnecessary problems

Money talks


An independent panel has been given just a couple of months to decide on politicians’ pay, and with a new committee structure and fewer deputies in the next Assembly, there is much to consider. Peter Roffey wishes them well and muses on some of the issues the panel should take into consideration

Health member cleared after board complaint


DEPUTY Mike Hadley has been accused of ‘outrageous, bad, offensive, rude and wholly unacceptable behaviour’ by a fellow Health and Social Services member as the row within the board escalated yesterday.

Firm fined £2,000 for 25 dead mice found in ceiling

Cobo Food Hall

STAFF saw rodents scurrying around Cobo Food Hall, the Magistrate’s Court was told yesterday, when the company which owns it, Sandpiper CI, faced the legal consequences of the infestation which led to the shop’s temporary closure in October.