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Concern growing about power and calibre of senior civil servants

ONE of the main issues that came up in the pre-election hustings and debate was to do with the situation of the island being run not by politicians but by the civil servants. There is great concern, please note Chief Executive Paul Whitfield, about the calibre of those in great positions within the civil service. Questions are being asked about which ‘sir’ is responsible for employing the highly paid candidates for these positions.

HSSD accepts Lyons lessons

Picture by Emma Pinch. 10-07-15Dr Rory Lyons in Alderney.

HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES will implement eight recommendations made in a damning review into the department’s handling of the investigation into Dr Rory Lyons, pictured.

HSSD chief will answer questions on Lyons case

carol tozer_900

HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES chief officer Dr Carol Tozer will answer questions ‘in the near future’ over the department’s much-criticised handling of the case surrounding Alderney GP Dr Rory Lyons.

New building, same stigma

TO THE head of the Health and Social Services Department. The old Castel Hospital had a lot of bad press. The building was blamed for a lot of the problems with staff and also depression. The staff also changed all the time, also doctors.

HSSD in Alderney ‘has a long way to go on trust’

Picture by Emma Pinch. 10-07-15Dr Rory Lyons in Alderney.

EVENTS in Alderney over the past 11 months have been ‘profoundly damaging’ for the personal and professional life of one of its doctors, health services in the island and trust in Health and Social Services, the States of Alderney has said.

Full speed ahead for the next decade

THIS year marks a major milestone for a local charity that has been changing lives for a decade. Now, to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of Headway Guernsey, we are delighted to name it as a special media partner for 2016.

Education is the answer to obesity

WITH the evils of tobacco on the ropes, health professionals are keen to go toe to toe with society’s next big opponent, obesity. It won’t be long before being overweight overtakes smoking as the number one cause of premature ill health and death.

Ambulance service on a long journey

THERE is much to welcome in the States report into the future of the island’s ambulance service. Giving operational oversight to Home, the same body which oversees the two other blue light services, makes perfect sense.

Healthy and safe start to the new year

Generic health and safety illustration, builder's helmet safety gloves HSE

THE Guernsey Occupational Safety and Health Association aims to get the new year off to a safe and healthy start with its annual promotional week this month.

‘Leaner’ service will risk future health of islanders

YOUR editorial on 2 January says: ‘And then there is health. Having thrown money at the problem it is time to make good on the promise of a new leaner organisation which does the same excellent job at a greatly reduced cost.’ Money has not been ‘thrown at health’. In 2010 the spend of the department was £107,685,000. If that had kept up with inflation it would now be £128,979,000, £10m. more than it actually is. Keeping up with medical inflation and the increasing number of elderly people requiring medical treatment would have meant an even higher figure.