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HSSD denies MoH misled deputies over A&E safety

HEALTH and Social Services has categorically denied that its chief medical officer misled deputies when he told them that the authors of a critical report were prepared to change its wording.

SAP 'puts patients at risk'

PATIENT safety is being threatened by the States-wide chaos that has been caused by its new computer system, Health and Social Services has revealed.  

‘Power’ issue poses bigger question

AT ABOUT the time a requete was published seeking to remove the authority the States chief executive has over his chief officers, a note was delivered to this office warning that there is a power battle going on between the executive leadership team and the Assembly.

Minister slams 'negative' report

CRITICISM that a report highlighting health and social inequality was depressing and lacked credible evidence saw tempers flare during yesterday’s States debate.

PCCL speaks out to dispute deputy's A&E accusations

A DEPUTY should not have been allowed to repeat the allegations he made about the Accident and Emergency Department in the latest Billet d'Etat without giving the operator the chance to respond, it has been claimed.

'Let down' by health service

Helen Weldon’s ‘urgent’ operation was cancelled the day before and she has had to rearrange it herself. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1326145)

A WOMAN whose ‘urgent’ operation was cancelled with just a day’s notice feels let down by the health service.

'Misled' man claims cost of life changing eye treatment

A MAN who obtained a second opinion and then treatment at an eye clinic in Cambridge argued that he should be reimbursed £13,000 to cover the costs because he was made to believe by his consultant that it would be paid for by the States.