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Addiction to secrecy is widespread

NOW that the unredacted version of the Lightfoot review into the operation of the Ambulance and Rescue Service has finally been released, it is possible to see that withholding the information was secrecy for the sake of secrecy.

EU laws should not apply here

I WAS horrified to read the Guernsey Press article on Judy Hayman, who may lose the vitamins she needs because the deputies are to decide on food supplements legislation, i.e., the EU law to control vitamins.

Health must respect this cat’s claws

TO THE surprise of no one, HSSD survived this week’s vote of no confidence by a hefty majority. It was not so much an endorsement of the brilliant job being done by the current board as an acknowledgement that the department would not benefit from more disruption. However, a bad-tempered debate raises doubts about what improvements islanders can hope for in their health service.

Front-page Health story was misleading

THE Health and Social Services Department wishes to correct statements made in relation to the evaluation and recommended next steps for the bowel cancer screening programme on pages one and two of the Guernsey Press on Monday 27 January.

Left in limbo after operation cancelled

Christine Koshy, who has been waiting for four months for an operation on her shoulder, was told it has been cancelled because the hospital has no beds. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1337996)

A GRANDMOTHER who has been in agony for four years with a shoulder problem was left distraught yesterday after her operation was cancelled with less than 24 hours' notice.