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What’s the true cost of ‘delays and incompetence’ at Jescc?

FIRSTLY I must apologise to the readers for the length of this letter, I like to try and keep them short but on this topic it is just not possible. I must congratulate the Home Department media spokespeople for bringing the Jescc overspend out just one day before Aurigny’s £6m. loss. What a great way to bury bad news. Since my last letters on the subject, I have been contacted by a number of people, from across all three services, who have expressed concerns about Jescc and due to their employment cannot speak out publicly for fear of reprisals that would affect their careers within Guernsey’s emergency services. However, they know that I am not afraid to speak out for them.

‘You must vote if you want a say’


‘YOU cannot complain’ about the States if you do not exercise your ‘democratic duty’ to vote, St Peter Port North residents have declared, as households were encouraged to take part in the upcoming by-election.

Prison staff listen in to 10% of prisoners’ calls


IT WOULD be ‘foolish to suggest with absolute certainty’ there could never be a repeat of an incident at Guernsey’s prison where an indecent assault victim was phoned from a prison cell by her attacker, Home minister Peter Gillson has said.

Pub hours may change to combat binge drinking

Changes to pub licensing hours, fixed penalty notices for possession of less than 1g of cannabis and the introduction of a minimum alcohol unit price are all under consideration.

No drug rehab centre for island

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GUERNSEY will not introduce an on-island drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in the immediate future, despite indications that there is a need for it.

Counting the true cost of abuse

IT CAN be a devastating blight on lives and ultimately our society, but the true extent of domestic abuse remains unknown.

Outlawing legal highs a clear signal

AN EXPECTED shift in drugs policy would appear to be gaining ground with yesterday’s announcement that the law against former legal highs has been strengthened.

Home candidate says he will 'learn on the job'


HOME minister front-runner Deputy Peter Gillson said keeping emergency services operating at a high level while remaining within budget constraints would be a top priority if he is elected into the role.