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Building a case for new housing

HOUSING was for so long the forgotten issue. Thanks to the good work of the former Housing Department and Guernsey Housing Association, it had fallen down the list of political hot potatoes. That all changed in the final throws of the last States. There were increasing concerns about the stuttering market itself, seen clearly by falling document duty receipts leaving a dent in States finances, about the affordability problems for first-time buyers and what exactly was needed from the social housing sector.

‘Politician of the people’ will not be forgotten

JUST a polite letter to say how sad it was to hear of the passing away of one of the best politicians that Guernsey has had in years. I refer, of course, to Dave Jones, politician of the people and, of course, one of the most intelligent we have had in government.

IDP fallout from house target move

IT was a tough ride for the Housing Department in the States this week. Politics aside, the decision of the Assembly to order it to carry out a new, improved housing needs survey has consequences elsewhere.

The target is pointless if it can’t be hit

AS ‘finger in the air’ planning goes, the Strategic Housing Target takes some beating. Four years ago, a large and detailed study was conducted by UK research experts based on interviews with 1,500 households. It determined that Guernsey had a ‘requirement’ for 451 new dwellings to be created each year.

Developers say plan risks homes and jobs

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HOUSE building will grind to a halt, putting hundreds of jobs at risk, if the draft Island Development Plan is adopted, a host of leading developers, builders and architects have warned.

282 States houses have room spare

frossard house up close_900

ONE in six of Guernsey’s social housing properties is now under-occupied, new figures reveal, sparking fresh questions over the lack of new homes to ‘downsize’ into and the true extent of the housing crisis.

Leale’s Yard could be one answer to housing crisis

Photo By Steve Sarre 19-09-14The Bridge St SampsonsLeale's Yard site

HUNDREDS of new social housing units could be built on Leale’s Yard, as preliminary talks have been taking place between the Housing Department, Guernsey Housing Association and the Channel Islands Co-operative Society.

Thank God for Private Eye

I FIND it so sad that outside influence had to be used to get rid of our chief minister from office. I refer of course to the UK magazine Private Eye. All the information is coming out and informing the local population, who are beginning to understand the seriousness of the implications to the island and pointing to how our political system operates.