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Finding out the true price of poverty

AT THIS time of festive excess it is easy to forget that there are many in the island for whom Christmas is less a joyous celebration and more a time when finances are strained to breaking point. At the sharp end of that struggle are the 16% of households living in relative poverty and the 19% of children living in a household that earns less than 60% of median incomes.

‘Housing balance is key’


GLASSHOUSES, agriculture priority areas and balancing development between the main centres and the rest of the island are the biggest challenges facing the planning inspectors, who have now finished hearing islanders’ views.

Housing target ‘no longer exists’

IT APPEARS that the Environment and Housing departments are conducting a PR campaign, as part of the Island Development Plan inquiry, through the pages of the Guernsey Press by publishing the legal advice they have received. This is yet a further disrespect, to add to the earlier disrespect, of a States department that failed to turn up for the public inquiry hearing.

Legal advice too late to hit the target

YOU know you are in trouble when two lawyers, Crown Advocates no less, are each asked for their opinions on the same matter. And when the advice they give is couched in double negatives, caveats and conditional ‘best advice’ any sense of confidence quickly disappears.

‘Inflated’ housing targets will have a knock-on effect

THE September 2015 Billet contains the following request from the Housing Department: ‘The department is recommending that the strategic housing target remains at 300 new dwellings per annum’. That recommendation is supported by a voluminous ‘opinion’ survey carried out in 2011 which the department itself acknowledges to be out of date and inflated. The target of 300 has taken no account of falling population or post-recessionary economic conditions since 2011.

Searching for a solution

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How to help first-time buyers in the island without affecting the market... and should the States try? Peter Roffey has a couple of suggestions, including the reintroduction of a loan scheme that helped him onto the ladder back in the day, but which might look like a socialist suggestion in today’s political climate

‘States wrong with first-time buyer plan’


REJECTING financial help schemes for first-time house buyers in Guernsey is the wrong decision, a lender has warned, as he suggested such a scheme combined with developing affordable housing would be a better option.

Time for the States to get to grips with housing


When it comes to the housing issue it seems as if the government hasn’t yet figured out its approach – but it’s time that it did, writes Nick Mann. If the States really wants to ensure that young people remain in the island it needs to make sure that they can afford somewhere to live and put down roots