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Time for the States to get to grips with housing

When it comes to the housing issue it seems as if the government hasn’t yet figured out its approach – but it’s time that it did, writes Nick Mann. If the States really wants to ensure that young people remain in the island it needs to make sure that they can afford somewhere to live and put down roots

Protection still needed for local-market housing

ON 19 June we were invited to attend a briefing by the Policy Council’s Population Steering Group (PSG) and were given an explanation of how the transition from the present housing and employment controls to the new permit-based legislation would operate.

Housing keen on social element of new-builds

Deputy Mike Hadley

IT IS not unreasonable for the States to benefit from large private housing developments in order to help those struggling to afford properties, the deputy Housing minister has said.

Forest Park awaiting hotel status

forest park hotel_900

FOREST Park Hotel can be put back onto the Housing Register as a designated ‘hotel’ following its reopening and rebranding nearly two years ago, if deputies agree to proposals from Housing.

282 States houses have room spare

frossard house up close_900

ONE in six of Guernsey’s social housing properties is now under-occupied, new figures reveal, sparking fresh questions over the lack of new homes to ‘downsize’ into and the true extent of the housing crisis.

CI housing issues discussed


A DEPOSIT loan scheme to help first-time buyers was one of the ideas discussed by the Guernsey and Jersey housing departments at a special joint meeting.