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Is there a hidden agenda behind office relocations?

SO, THE States of Guernsey have no money when it comes to helping people here, yet we can send thousands of pounds away to help overseas. Even if that bugs people, surely nothing can get people in need but refused help more irritable than watching our government throw away millions on moving departments from one building to another. Perhaps there is a hidden agenda behind these moves? Could it be that Housing are gearing up to hand over all their houses to the Housing Association? – something that was always questioned from the very first meeting with the association by the States House Tenants’ Action Group. Not only is the move costing a quoted £3m., but it just does not fit in anywhere at any level. Not only is it going to overpopulate a building, but the location and setting of the building is a huge problem and will create overbearing problems for people – and in the main disabled people.

Mixed reception for new flats plan

Simon Cleal

WITH a demand for more housing in the island, residents living in and around Coupee Lane have greeted plans for 16 new flats in the area with mixed feelings.

IDP needs rigorous examination

As opening political salvos go it was delivered with panache. The Economic Development president Peter Ferbrache has made it plain that planning is currently not doing enough to help Guernsey grow. He remains sceptical about pledges of flexibility when the new Island Development Plan is finally delivered and has urged everyone to take a good hard look at what is being proposed.

How much is too much for States house tenants?

IS IT possible to get anyone at Housing to sing from the same hymn book? I don’t think any communication happens at all in this department. States house tenants have been to meeting after meeting with the question, ‘how much are they allowed to have in a bank before they have to either vacate their dwelling, or pay extra rent until they are down to the level allowed (in the bank) before having money taken off them in extra rent?’ I have to say that, personally, I have had quotes from £20,000 down to £3,000. There have been other quotes of different amounts in between as well.

Island loses champion for honest values

PERSONALITIES do not come much bigger than Deputy Dave Jones. Straight-talking to a fault, he had a knack for finding the voice of the everyday islander and expressing it clearly and with passion. He rarely took a backward step and relished the opportunity to engage in debate with anyone and everyone.

Building on experience and ideas

SHORTLY after noon today scores of landlords, developers, architects, builders, estate agents and sundry representatives of Guernsey’s property industry will file into St James in a bid to do what deputies could not – or would not – do.

Population will be part of the legacy

WITH less than three weeks to go before nominations are accepted for the next States it will soon be time to consider the legacy of this set of deputies.

Lack of scrutiny only adds to housing policy failure


With the average property costing 15 times the average salary and a housing market that has all but completely stalled, Nick Mann says a body independent of the Treasury and Housing departments is needed to scrutinise the issue of housing and what has become a failed States policy

Former bakery to be homes


THE former Warry's Bakery is to make way for 20 partial ownership homes after a £2m. bid from the Guernsey Housing Association was accepted.

Finding out the true price of poverty

AT THIS time of festive excess it is easy to forget that there are many in the island for whom Christmas is less a joyous celebration and more a time when finances are strained to breaking point. At the sharp end of that struggle are the 16% of households living in relative poverty and the 19% of children living in a household that earns less than 60% of median incomes.