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2016 election threatens HSSD stability

STABILITY, the second of the Health minister’s priorities, has been in short supply in recent years. Four chief executives in as many years have been held to account by a revolving door of ministers and board members.

HSSD steels itself to more delays

The new mental health block at the Oberlands is now expected to open between four and six weeks behind schedule. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 6499424)

CONSTRUCTION of the new mental health centre at the hospital has been hit by further delays as Health and Social Services revealed parts of the building needed additional steel fitted.

HSSD releases action plan

Loveridge ward

HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES has published its 88-point action plan to shore up maternity services in the island.

‘Worrying’ stats show half of island overweight


GUERNSEY must tackle its ‘worrying’ and increasing obesity levels for the benefit of individuals and to reduce the burden it has on the healthcare system, the Health and Social Services minister has declared.