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Time for answers for Anthony

IT is a heart-wrenching story that has touched thousands of our readers since we first revealed the tale of little Anthony McMahon’s battle for a life-changing leg operation.

Football coaches back surgery for Anthony

anthony mcmahon football_90

ANTHONY McMahon is the ‘perfect football player’ to coach but he is reaching a point where his disability will start to hold him back, his football mentors have said.

Guernsey is ready for Ebola

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EBOLA can be successfully tackled and contained should it arrive on Guernsey shores, Health and Social Services has said.

Anthony deserves a chance, says surgeon

Dror Paley

BUREAUCRACY is standing in the way of a nine-year-old boy having an operation the only alternative to which is amputation, a world-renowned US-based doctor has said.

Sadly, it was a matter of time...

IT WAS with great sadness that we read the Guernsey Press of 3 October and learned the sad news of a local family who lost their baby earlier this year on Loveridge Ward. Our sadness was deepened by the fact that we have known for the last few years that it was just a matter of time before it happened.

HSSD facing triple crisis

NOT before time, the costly deal to keep the ambulance service running came more into focus last week.

This is about health, not egos

WAKE up HSSD. The GcMaf saga continues. Remedy: let’s trial it here in Guernsey. Let’s be leaders for once, not followers.

‘Substantial risks’ in HSSD taking over ambulance service


TREASURY and Resources considered there to be ‘substantial commercial and financial risks’ in Health and Social Services’ plans to take over the ambulance service and they were ‘neither fully quantified nor fully mitigated’, the Policy Council has said.

Ambulance deal done in the dark

IN A FLURRY of double negatives, the deputy chief minister yesterday declared that the island had somehow been saved. Quite what from was hard to tell as all the minister would say was that ‘we are now not in danger of not having an ambulance service in Guernsey’.

Resignations shift focus from tragedy

THE folly of the HSSD board’s sudden resignation was laid bare at the weekend as the focus inevitably shifted all too rapidly away from the crisis within the department and on to a grubby game of political musical chairs.

Why choose now as time to resign?

AMONG the myriad questions that remain about the death of a newborn baby and the subsequent resignation of the HSSD board, many concern timing.