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Lessons to be learned from failed project

HEALTH & Social Care’s commitment to make public a review of the troubled £9.7m. medical records project is to be welcomed as there are many questions that need answers. Chief among them are how much this has cost and how much of the original plan has been delivered. In cost terms, HSC says that it is ‘on budget’ with the exception of an extra £600,000 given in 2014 for extra staff to ensure the successful completion of the project.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

POLITICIANS the world over have become skilled at the non-apology apology. They say sorry ‘for any offence caused’, which leaves doubt as to whether any offence has been taken, or ‘to anyone who has taken offence’, which implies that only a sensitive few souls have taken umbrage while reasonable people are quite happy. Or they just apologise for the ‘unfortunate consequences’, which leaves room for the right actions leading to unfortunate, and unforeseeable, events.

Smoke-free zones are just getting started

THOSE taken aback by the decision to stop people smoking anywhere on health and education premises should know that this is just the beginning. Schools and hospitals are the most obvious places to ban smoking but it is clear from the tobacco control strategy that the ambition is to extend that ban by 2020 to all States properties, which could include outside the Airport and harbour, Castle Cornet, Candie Museum and the car parks at Beau Sejour and North Beach. The strategy seeks to make Guernsey and Alderney ‘smoke-free’ within a decade, ie. where fewer than 5% of islanders smoke.

Invisibility cloak taken off – for now

WHEN nobody is responsible, everyone is responsible. Sitting deputies up for re-election tomorrow have to hope that voters do not saddle them with all the ills of this States. For that is the temptation. With collective government the actions and decisions of individual departments and deputies are laid at the door of ‘the States’ without distinguishing between those directly responsible and the rest.

Government change on the horizon

IN A memorable phrase, States chief executive Paul Whitfield explained how his 10-year plan for public sector reform was a gradual process. ‘There won’t be a big bang in 2025 when it all slots into place, with fireworks at the Yacht Club and a 21-gun salute at Castle Cornet. There will be change, incremental change, over the next ten years.’

Meeting was an insult to Alderney

ONE of the aspects of island life that impressed MEP Daniel Hannan, writing in the Daily Mail last week, was the accountability of its government. ‘People know they are in control’ he was apparently told.

Patients unjustly deprived of an excellent doctor

I HAD always thought that it was a basic tenet of British justice that a man was deemed innocent until he was proved guilty. In the Rory Lyons fiasco the very opposite seems to have applied. In the weaselly worded, so-called apology issued by the authorities, the term ‘insufficient evidence’ is trotted out presumably so that officials can claim that they were ‘acting in good faith’.

Mignot safety fears over lack of doctors

Alderney’s Island Medical Practice may have to withdraw its cover of the Mignot Memorial Hospital due to a paucity of doctors at the practice.

ALDERNEY’S Island Medical Practice may be forced to withdraw from work at the island’s Mignot Memorial Hospital if more money is not provided for an additional surgery doctor, the surgery’s principal partner has warned.

HSSD accepts Lyons lessons

Picture by Emma Pinch. 10-07-15Dr Rory Lyons in Alderney.

HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES will implement eight recommendations made in a damning review into the department’s handling of the investigation into Dr Rory Lyons, pictured.

An election ‘moanafesto’ (A round-up of the ‘not-so-good times’ of the past four years)

I’M STILL trying to make up my mind whether or not to turn out on election day. There are 81 candidates island wide but, due to an accident of address, I am not permitted by law to even consider placing my cross against 70 of them. When I think back to this most recent worst States ever I know deep down that there must have been some good moments but I find it hard to get past a catalogue of not-so-good times like the T&R £2.6m. Lagan fraud, C&E’s attempts to blow an identical amount on an off-island shiny new replacement for the perfectly serviceable Leopardess, PSD’s £8m. loss on the abandoned Pfos case, the £750,000 gifted to the milkmen, the attempt to re-brand Aurigny for a mere £1m., the £330m. loan voted through with seemingly no one realising that it would cost £15m. to set up. Fingers crossed that the forthcoming Union v. The States pension court case is not lost.

HSSD chief will answer questions on Lyons case

carol tozer_900

HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES chief officer Dr Carol Tozer will answer questions ‘in the near future’ over the department’s much-criticised handling of the case surrounding Alderney GP Dr Rory Lyons.

New building, same stigma

TO THE head of the Health and Social Services Department. The old Castel Hospital had a lot of bad press. The building was blamed for a lot of the problems with staff and also depression. The staff also changed all the time, also doctors.

HSSD in Alderney ‘has a long way to go on trust’

Picture by Emma Pinch. 10-07-15Dr Rory Lyons in Alderney.

EVENTS in Alderney over the past 11 months have been ‘profoundly damaging’ for the personal and professional life of one of its doctors, health services in the island and trust in Health and Social Services, the States of Alderney has said.

HSSD facing ‘significant criticism’ over GP case


‘SIGNIFICANT criticisms’ face HSSD from investigators behind the independent review into the handling of the case of Alderney GP Dr Rory Lyons, it has been claimed by one of the relatives affected by the ordeal.

£7,000 each to recruit nurses from Philippines


FEWER nurses are set to be recruited from the Philippines than originally anticipated and the number could drop further, Health and Social Services minister Paul Luxon told the States yesterday.

HSSD unable to provide evidence of problems

I WOULD not normally wish to pursue a debate via the media. However, my letter to you of 8 February regarding the proposed law to protect vulnerable people triggered two responses. One was from the president of HSSD; the other was the one you published from HSSD’s spin doctor on the 11 February. They drive me to respond because I believe that their replies strike to the heart of what is wrong with some aspects of Guernsey’s government.

‘Implications for HSSD’ after Alderney GP report

Picture by Emma Pinch. 10-07-15Dr Rory Lyons in Alderney.

AN INDEPENDENT report into the handling of the case of Alderney GP Dr Rory Lyons will have ‘far-reaching implications’ for the Health and Social Services Department, according to a politician who has seen a draft copy.

Ambulance service crisis – ‘learn from this failure’


WAGES were going to be withheld and redundancies secretly considered when the ambulance service hit crisis point, former HSSD board member Barry Brehaut said, as several deputies called for the ambulance service to be brought in-house in future years.