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Taking down the barriers to adoption

THE ‘glacial pace’ of social reform in Guernsey – as one deputy put it – has the opportunity to pick up speed next month when proposals to change the adoption law are presented.

HSSD has serious questions to answer

DESPICABLE unrealistic journalism by the BBC One Show. Well Guernsey has certainly not benefited from allowing the BBC to portray our island as a haven for ‘low tax’ beneficiaries and now a base for an internet sales and distribution company to promote illegal, unlicensed, expensive, unproven and potentially contaminated ‘drugs’ to unsuspecting desperate people.

HSSD runs ‘lean, mean service’

IT IS nice to read of Andrew Le Page’s complimentary remarks about the presentation of the Chief Officer of HSSD, Dr Carol Tozer (‘HSSD chief impresses with passion and straight-talking’, Open Lines, 4 May). He is not the first observer to be impressed by her presentational skills.

Surgery delays stack up


MAJOR changes to Guernsey’s backlogged orthopaedic services are being investigated as Health and Social Services publicly apologises for delays facing more than 100 patients waiting for surgery.

Smoke-free Town a vague proposal

WHILST not impossible to see the thinking behind calls to make Town a smoke-free zone, what is far less clear – positively blurry in fact – is whether we actually need such a radical, zero-tolerance scheme.

GcMaf developments were important but ignored

I’D LIKE to begin by commenting on the letter in the 17 March’s Press by the GP’s most prolific correspondent, ‘Name and address withheld’, querying – and apparently disproving – the claims on one of the websites I quoted in my letter of 9 March 2015.

A tale of two islands filling black holes

TWO quite similar islands – two very different tales. Guernsey’s government, having run a deficit budget since the introduction of zero-10, is predicting a surplus of £3m. by 2017.

HSSD makes the case for change

A CONSISTENT message is coming out of Health and Social Services under its new regime – things need to change. Spending pressures continue, whether it is dealing with short-term crises such as the midwifery service, the day-to-day operations, or looking to the future where people will live longer but fewer will be working to help pay for their needs.

GcMaf: still no answers

GIVEN that HSSD are reliant on the MHRA to provide them with a ‘Big Brother’ advice and resources then these comments may need airing. It is disturbing to understand that Paul Luxon, our HSSD minister, knew of the letter published in the Guernsey Press by Gerald Heddell, director, inspection, enforcement and standards division, MHRA, which, after 45 days, still fails to present any conclusive evidence in regard to claims of contamination of GcMaf products. Just how long does it take to provide their evidence?

Surgery raid defended by police chief


GUERNSEY’S Police Chief personally travelled to Alderney yesterday to defend the force’s search of a GP’s surgery in the wake of allegations the operation had been ‘heavy-handed’.