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The new mental health block at the Oberlands is now expected to open between four and six weeks behind schedule. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 6499424)

HSSD steels itself to more delays

CONSTRUCTION of the new mental health centre at the hospital has been hit by further delays as Health and Social Services revealed parts of the building needed additional steel fitted.

HSSD takes ‘immediate action’ following midwifery findings


BUYING new equipment, drafting in new staff and consulting with existing midwives is among the immediate action being taken by Health and Social Services before it publishes its extensive action plan in response to damning midwifery service findings, it has been revealed.

Never shoot the messenger

ONE of the most baffling things to onlookers about the maternity crisis engulfing HSSD is that it took a member of staff to appeal to a higher, UK-based body before anyone locally would listen.