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Sometimes the ‘Guernsey way’ is right

The year-on-year, real-terms reduction in HSSD’s budget has been like watching a flawed pressure cooker waiting to explode, says Peter Roffey. But that doesn’t mean that just throwing cash at our health service will cure all its ills...

Callers challenge Health minister on radio phone-in

UPSET nursing staff and a woman with cataracts being unable to see Tottenham Hotspur play were some of the critical stories aimed at embattled Health and Social Services Minister Hunter Adam yesterday.

Tobacco report will go to the States, says minister

A REPORT on proposed tobacco licence fees will not be withdrawn from the November States debate, the health minister has said, despite a request from the Channel Islands Tobacco Retailers' Association.

New health services delay ‘not certainty’

UNCERTAINTY remains about whether Health and Social Services will delay the introduction of new services it had said would suffer if it failed to prevent its budget being cut by £2.35m.

Minister’s plea gets cash for HSSD projects

A PASSIONATE plea by the Health and Social Services minister convinced the Policy Council to recommend two of his department’s projects for funding – although neither met the standards required by the Moderating Group.

Minister has interest in £750k rent deal

HEALTH minister Hunter Adam stands to benefit financially from taxpayers’ money being paid through a States’ contract which his department helps to negotiate.

Health escapes cuts in spending

HEALTH and Social Services will be the only department to receive an above-inflation budget increase next year, under plans unveiled by Treasury today.