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Deputy says ferry inaction is ‘damaging’

DAMAGE is being done in Guernsey by the widespread perception of ‘inaction’ by Commerce and Employment in addressing the ‘fiasco’ surrounding Condor Ferries, a long-standing deputy has claimed.

Challenging a new convention the conventions

FOR those who are regulars at the annual Institute of Directors debate – renamed Convention this year – the post-event review is an integral part of the ‘sport’. ‘Same old, same old’ is often mentioned and now Deputy Kevin Stewart – who did not attend this year – has joined in through the medium of social media, calling for a review of the format.

Sunday trading block bid ‘waste of States time’


A MOVE by his deputy minister to get the States to go back on total deregulation of Sunday trading has been called ‘a complete waste of parliamentary time’ by Commerce and Employment minister Kevin Stewart.

A lack of trust is no laughing matter


The Environment Department’s refusal to go public over the expert advice given on the Town Quay road layout and courtesy crossing has given islanders even less reason to trust their elected representatives. And, says Nick Mann, it makes people wonder what else may be hidden

C&E to clamp down on broadband standards


EXTRA powers and legislation will be introduced if broadband providers in Guernsey fail to comply with voluntary standards, Commerce and Employment minister Kevin Stewart has said.

Farmers back tourism vision for the dairy


GUERNSEY’S dairy industry will fade away without a vision for the future, farmers have said, as they signalled support for transforming the island’s dairy into a tourist attraction.

Stop putting the boot in on Condor, says minister


CONDOR Ferries needs to be given a chance to fix its problems with the Liberation, the chairman of the External Transport Group said yesterday, as he called for people to stop ‘sticking the boot in’.

Digital Greenhouse is back on track


THE States’ Digital Greenhouse project appears to be back on track with a burst of activity from the Commerce and Employment Department following an at times heated update meeting two weeks ago which threatened to derail progress.

Deputy seeks answers over maternity leave law delay

Chris Green

A LACK of progress on introducing statutory maternity leave has led one deputy to ask Rule Six questions to find out why, three years after the States agreed to its introduction, women are still left at the mercy of employers.