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Fulfilment sector shrinks by 50%

GUERNSEY’S fulfilment sector has contracted by around 50% since the loss of low value consignment relief, Commerce and Employment has confirmed.

Jersey spends £656k on its LVCR challenge

JERSEY'S bill for challenging the UK's decision to scrap VAT-relief for cheap goods shipped from the Channel Islands will be more than eight times higher than Guernsey's.

Seven of the top 10 bulk mailers quit

GUERNSEY Post is expecting revenue from bulk mail to fall by around £16m. this year as it counts the cost of losing seven out of its top 10 customers.

Better off alone?

THE fallout from the loss of Low Value Consignment Relief and the crack down on Qrops (qualifying recognised overseas pension schemes) is taking many forms.

No appeal against LVCR ruling

THE Policy Council has ruled out appealing against the High Court decision that gave the green light for the Channel Islands to be excluded from low value consignment relief.

HMV to cut 46 jobs

HMV is closing its Guernsey fulfilment warehouse, with the loss of up to 46 jobs.

LVCR loss not Jersey’s fault

AT TIMES I’ve been accused of being slightly negative when it comes to the prospect of co-operation between the States of Guernsey and Jersey.

UK can now collect its own VAT

OVER the next few weeks, Guernsey and Jersey will witness how much of a body blow ending low value consignment relief proves to be to their respective economies and employment prospects.

Island waits to see what its LVCR costs will be

THE States must wait to hear what costs it will be liable for following the London High Court’s finding that the UK could legally exclude the Channel Islands from low value consignment relief.

VAT: decisions on 600 jobs 'in weeks'

Paul Domaille says if the States had not welcomed fulfilment operations, flower growers would still benefit from LVCR. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 1233271)

COMPANIES with some 600  staff in the fulfilment industry will decide whether to leave Guernsey within a couple of weeks, but the outlook is not overly optimistic, the Bulk Mailers’ Association said yesterday.

Defeat for islands in LVCR appeal

GUERNSEY’S economy suffered a devastating blow yesterday after the Channel Islands lost a legal bid aimed at saving the fulfilment industry.

LVCR decision could be given tomorrow

GUERNSEY could hear tomorrow (Wednesday 15 March) afternoon whether its legal bid alongside Jersey to save the fulfilment sector has been successful.