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Coastal car park measures stalled

AFTER more than five years, there is still no timetable on drawing up legislation to tackle vehicles being left in coastal car parks, with the Environment & Infrastructure Committee blaming a lack of resources.

Deputy says ferry inaction is ‘damaging’


DAMAGE is being done in Guernsey by the widespread perception of ‘inaction’ by Commerce and Employment in addressing the ‘fiasco’ surrounding Condor Ferries, a long-standing deputy has claimed.

States says no to scrutiny straitjacket

Laurie Queripel

‘PUTTING themselves in a straitjacket’ would be the effect of the States banning members of the Scrutiny Management Committee from serving on any other committee under major States reforms.

Safeguards needed in States reshuffle

WE ARE a small island where we can all contact each other and there is plenty of opportunity to exploit the benefits of flexibility, nimbleness and ‘mucking through’. This is our strength; we need our quirks, ‘Guernsey ways’, traditions and anomalies. If we accept a global ‘one size fits all’ philosophy, we are dead in the water. An analogy: go-karts are quicker up Le Val des Terres than dragsters.

Independent planning body ‘would be seen as impartial’


A STAND-ALONE planning authority that would operate separately from Environment and all other States committees could reduce perceptions of partiality and conflicts of interest, the committee behind a plan for major States reforms has said.

High cost of living is driving islanders out


LOCAL market house prices are now 15 times average annual earnings – triple what it was 30 years ago, according to a deputy who is calling for his colleagues urgently to address the island’s worsening housing crisis.

States moves towards a slimmer operation


CUTS in the number of politicians and States committees could become a reality next term as politicians approved an initial report for government reform yesterday.