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More than 1,800 watch Sacc meeting live stream

MORE than 1,800 people have viewed the Facebook Live stream of a public meeting called by the States’ Assembly & Constitution Committee to explain its proposals for a referendum on Guernsey’s voting system which took place last night.

Coastal car park measures stalled


AFTER more than five years, there is still no timetable on drawing up legislation to tackle vehicles being left in coastal car parks, with the Environment & Infrastructure Committee blaming a lack of resources.

P&R yet to plot a course for four-year journey


It’s nearly three weeks since the general election and the States is still sorting out internal matters such as committee presidents and members. But even this early in its four-year lifespan, Nick Mann can see tensions arising and wonders how some big political names will fit into the new landscape

Stepping into the jaws of a politically-charged beast

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It has been an eventful week on the island’s political stage, with Gavin St Pier elected as the president of Policy & Resources, followed by the subsequent vote for his team. But compared to the previous term, the newly-structured government with a reduced number of deputies will see any imbalance or weakness much more readily exposed, says Nick Mann

Referendum cost too high – Dame Mary


CHEAPER options can be found for the island-wide voting referendum, it has been declared, as one of the island’s most prominent business leaders, Specsavers founder Dame Mary Perkins, joined those critical of the potential £400,000 price-tag.

Deputy says ferry inaction is ‘damaging’


DAMAGE is being done in Guernsey by the widespread perception of ‘inaction’ by Commerce and Employment in addressing the ‘fiasco’ surrounding Condor Ferries, a long-standing deputy has claimed.

States says no to scrutiny straitjacket

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‘PUTTING themselves in a straitjacket’ would be the effect of the States banning members of the Scrutiny Management Committee from serving on any other committee under major States reforms.

Safeguards needed in States reshuffle

WE ARE a small island where we can all contact each other and there is plenty of opportunity to exploit the benefits of flexibility, nimbleness and ‘mucking through’. This is our strength; we need our quirks, ‘Guernsey ways’, traditions and anomalies. If we accept a global ‘one size fits all’ philosophy, we are dead in the water. An analogy: go-karts are quicker up Le Val des Terres than dragsters.