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VIDEO The new Land Rover Discovery

By Damian Wrigley IF THERE’S one thing I’ve really noticed during my 27 years of living in Guernsey, it’s that we Guerns have one element that binds us together – our gluten, if you will.

Motorists pay enough

DEAR islanders, I wish to bring your attention to the latest ridiculous tax increase on fuel that is being proposed in the new transport strategy document that was mentioned on the front page of the Guernsey Press on Friday 21 March. In the 2007 budget, fuel duty was introduced at a cost of 13p per litre and since then there have been massive hikes in this duty, which currently stands at 48.8p per litre.

The machine of a dream


TAKING a germ of an idea to design and build a car and turn it into reality is hard enough, but doing it in 18 months is nothing short of miraculous. That is exactly what locally born car designer Simon Keys has done with his latest creation the Zenos E10, as he explained to Rosie Allsopp