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Nurse recruitment baffles

I HAVE never written to the Press before, however I feel so strongly about this subject I feel I have no choice. I read the article on the front of the newspaper on Saturday 8 October with incredulity. According to the Health & Social Care Committee, we are currently short of 73 nurses locally. Lindsay Meeks, operational manager for the Royal College of Nursing, was quoted as saying ‘the island urgently needed more nurses. There is a major problem with the recruitment and retention of nurses on Guernsey…’

£7,000 each to recruit nurses from Philippines


FEWER nurses are set to be recruited from the Philippines than originally anticipated and the number could drop further, Health and Social Services minister Paul Luxon told the States yesterday.

Nurse is cleared of misconduct

A NURSE who gave a patient the wrong mix of drugs, and failed to recognise that another was allergic to penicillin, has been cleared of misconduct.

Time to be open about licences

ON SATURDAY, we highlighted the difficulties that the Health and Social Services Department is in – and the potential impact of that on patients and clinical safety – as a result of staff shortages.