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Why we will always remember

THE poignancy of Remembrance Sunday is never lost and this weekend’s services across the Bailiwick in honour of the islands’ war dead have been no exception. Yet a further sadness was also hard to miss as this year our community was without its Lt-Governor.

Voices from past heard again


VOICES from the past, when the Channel Islands was invaded by the Germans, can be heard once again after local historian Simon Hamon put pen to paper to produce his first book with that title.

They did their best in an impossible situation

THE Bailiff, Sir Victor Gosselin Carey, the States of Guernsey and population were indeed maligned by Sir Winston and other writers after the war. (‘Victor Gosselin Carey: Putting the record straight’, 1 May).

Resisters who paid the price honoured


RELATIVES said how important it was to remember family at the unveiling of a new memorial honouring islanders who resisted the Germans during the Occupation.

Setting out on the trail of history

AS THE islands prepare to mark the 70th anniversary of one of the most significant moments in their history, the story of Liberation from Nazi-occupying forces will not be far from people’s thoughts in the days ahead. Such a major milestone, noting a precious seventh decade of freedom, will see a mix of events ranging from more reserved, commemorative reflection to carefree festive celebration of the release from the darkest period in island history.

Deportees remember


MORE than 30 people gathered at White Rock yesterday to mark the 70th anniversary of islanders’ wartime deportation.

Occupation art online

This picture – painted during the Occupation of Alderney – was found in a cottage on High Street and probably depicts a German soldier, his wife and his child.

THE Germans left a very visible stamp on Alderney – not only in the form of bunkers, batteries and barbed wire, but through other, rather more personal reminders.