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Deportees remember


MORE than 30 people gathered at White Rock yesterday to mark the 70th anniversary of islanders’ wartime deportation.

Occupation art online

This picture – painted during the Occupation of Alderney – was found in a cottage on High Street and probably depicts a German soldier, his wife and his child.

THE Germans left a very visible stamp on Alderney – not only in the form of bunkers, batteries and barbed wire, but through other, rather more personal reminders.

Symbolic resistance was enough

EVEN 65 years after the event, it is clear that the German Occupation still generates extreme emotion. From the anniversary celebrations in the summer to the reunions held in the UK to mark the evacuation of so many local children, the memories of that shattering time run deep.

Cleared at last

GUERNSEY has finally been cleared of claims that islanders collaborated with the Germans during the Occupation.

First wartime commando raid remembered

A MEMORIAL stone to mark the 70th anniversary of the first commando landing in Guernsey was unveiled by the local soldier’s former wife and Bailiff Sir Geoffrey Rowland yesterday evening at Icart.

Deadly White Rock air raid commemorated

BOXES of Guernsey tomatoes were symbolically laid out at the White Rock yesterday evening to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the bombing raid which signalled the start of the German Occupation.