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‘No responsibility for mental health’

I READ with interest Emilie Yerby’s account of how Guernsey is making excellent strides in strengthening its support for islanders’ mental health. ‘Mental health is the responsibility of all of us’. In my experience, it is the responsibility of anyone but the service set up to provide just that support. My life took a dramatic turn a couple of years ago, circumstances completely out of my control, which continue to have an enduring effect on my life. My GP kindly referred me for talking therapy with the Primary Mental Health team.

‘Leaner’ service will risk future health of islanders

YOUR editorial on 2 January says: ‘And then there is health. Having thrown money at the problem it is time to make good on the promise of a new leaner organisation which does the same excellent job at a greatly reduced cost.’ Money has not been ‘thrown at health’. In 2010 the spend of the department was £107,685,000. If that had kept up with inflation it would now be £128,979,000, £10m. more than it actually is. Keeping up with medical inflation and the increasing number of elderly people requiring medical treatment would have meant an even higher figure.

Health at the heart of 2016 Budget

YEAR after year Health and Social Services has been the beating heart of States budgets and accounts. For much of this decade it has been attacked and criticised for being unable to meet its savings targets and regularly busting its budget.

Sometimes the ‘Guernsey way’ is right


The year-on-year, real-terms reduction in HSSD’s budget has been like watching a flawed pressure cooker waiting to explode, says Peter Roffey. But that doesn’t mean that just throwing cash at our health service will cure all its ills...

Fire repairs cost is not yet determined


FIRE and smoke damage at the new PEH mental and wellbeing development site has been assessed,but no estimate has been made of how much it will cost to repair.

Stand-in wards to cost £4m.

Richard Evans, HSSD,

UP TO £4m. could be spent on two temporary wards if HSSD gets States approval for a major redevelopment of the hospital, the department’s corporate services director has said.

Left in limbo after operation cancelled

Christine Koshy, who has been waiting for four months for an operation on her shoulder, was told it has been cancelled because the hospital has no beds. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1337996)

A GRANDMOTHER who has been in agony for four years with a shoulder problem was left distraught yesterday after her operation was cancelled with less than 24 hours' notice.