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Quote shows the lack of leadership

IF THERE is one quote that sums up the manifestly absurd position of the longevity of the States’ gold-plated final salary pension scheme, it is this: ‘Sadly it has become virtually unaffordable for any organisation which wishes to have a solvent future to maintain defined benefit [final salary] schemes which allow members to retire in their 60s with, on average, at least 20 years of retirement ahead of them.’

Generation Y will still have it better than us

IN REPLY to Joshua’s letter printed on 3 February [Fed up with moaning Generation X’ers], I guess I must be one of those Mr Luddites he mentions in his sad, ranting letter. It seems to me that the pot is calling the kettle black here, accusing us of complaining, when that is all he seems to be doing.

Dragging their heels on pensions

ON PAGE nine of the Guernsey Press of 30 January, I read with interest the fact that ‘the States recruits 400 to 500 people per year through natural turnover’. The question I would like answered is, why have the States not introduced a new pension scheme for all new employees?

Getting personal on tax

A major overhaul of how the States taxes islanders and spends the money, driven by the long-term impact of an aging population, is the subject of a consultation launched this week.

Pension gripes are a year too late

A STATEMENT yesterday from the Association of States Employee Organisations on pension reforms was notable for who, or more importantly who didn’t, sign it off.

Top pay but spared any culpability

WITH the ‘new’ Assembly entering its first full year of office the time is fast approaching when it will be possible to judge whether it is living up to the States of Change potential that was claimed at the general election.

New public sector pension scheme 'fairer for everyone'

A NEW public sector pension scheme based on career average earnings will significantly reduce the ‘volatility’ that the final salary arrangement forced upon the States, the independent chairman of a joint working group on pensions has said.

Coping with unplanned hand-over

IF THERE is a positive to be taken from this week’s States meeting, it is that by a near two-to-one majority members are not prepared to make policy on the hoof, no matter how alluring the call to do so.