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Conflicts of interest need to be avoided

ONE election candidate at the hustings, in response to a question about the legalisation of cannabis, expressed concerns about what such legislation may do to Guernsey’s image and reputation, because as a finance centre we are dependent on having a good reputation. Obviously to maintain a good reputation we need to adhere to the principles of good governance, one of the cornerstones of which is to avoid conflicts of interest wherever possible. It was interesting to note, in your business pages, senior Ogier lawyer Claire Smith’s observation that the Sam Allardyce sting would have not caused many ripples had he been a low-ranked club manager. The point being, as I understand it, that not only he was high profile, but he was seemingly telling people how to get around his employer’s rules. In other words, he was conflicted and, together with a high profile, it was a recipe for a major scandal. Irrespective of the fact that Allardyce was almost certainly sacked for telling the truth, this is a valid observation.

Sacc to look at 'conflict of interest' rules


FORMER chief minister Peter Harwood’s sudden resignation has prompted calls for greater scrutiny of ‘conflicts of interest’ when appointments are made inside and outside the States.

Thank God for Private Eye

I FIND it so sad that outside influence had to be used to get rid of our chief minister from office. I refer of course to the UK magazine Private Eye. All the information is coming out and informing the local population, who are beginning to understand the seriousness of the implications to the island and pointing to how our political system operates.

Interests need to be managed

HIS resignation yesterday as chief minister means that Guernsey has lost a man of integrity and ability for doing nothing wrong and government now has to elect what amounts to a caretaker head of the Policy Council for the remaining two years of this political term.

What makes CISX affair so difficult

BEFORE he was elected deputy in 2012, the man who went on to become chief minister was a director of around 50 companies. On the basis that they met quarterly, he would have had, on average, 16 board meetings a month. At even a modest £8,000 a year per directorship, that would have netted an enviable £400,000 per annum, although it is doubtful that someone of his legal expertise and background would concentrate on the small fry.

Chief minister resigns


CHIEF Minister Peter Harwood has quit amid national media coverage about his former roles within the financial sector regulator and the troubled Channel Islands Stock Exchange.

Harwood resignation - 'watch this space'


AN ANNOUNCEMENT is expected shortly about the future of Peter Harwood as Guernsey’s chief minister in the wake of the finance regulator investigating the Channel Islands Stock Exchange.

Chief minister Peter Harwood could be asked to step aside


­SPECULATION was today mounting that Peter Harwood will be asked to step down as chief minister following national media reports about his involvement with financial sector regulation and the problems that faced the Channel Islands Stock Exchange.