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Hunt on for new site for donkey statue

A NEW central Town location is being sought for a controversial donkey statue, after hopes of erecting it in the harbour were firmly extinguished by a planning appeal ruling.

Hotels that are left to rot help no one

‘HOPELESSLY aspirational’ is how some have branded Tourism’s vision for the island’s visitor economy, and its ultimate impact on the hotel industry. And while those slamming the department’s bid to tighten restrictions to protect bed stock will have their own agendas, it’s hard to make a case that derelict hotels help anyone.

Independent planning body ‘would be seen as impartial’


A STAND-ALONE planning authority that would operate separately from Environment and all other States committees could reduce perceptions of partiality and conflicts of interest, the committee behind a plan for major States reforms has said.

Developers say plan risks homes and jobs

developments that would nev

HOUSE building will grind to a halt, putting hundreds of jobs at risk, if the draft Island Development Plan is adopted, a host of leading developers, builders and architects have warned.

An urgent need for safety change

AS THE new road layout along The Quay beds in, there is another project on Environment’s to do list which is arguably more pressing.

Villocq neighbours act fast

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FEARS that three fields could be re-zoned for housing has resulted in residents of a Castel estate coming out in force to protect the area.

37-unit clos plans worry residents

Jolene Blampied lives opposite the proposed entrance to the planned new clos at St Martin’s. Like other residents she is concerned about the development’s effect on traffic in the area if it goes ahead. (7814874)

BUSIER roads, the loss of prime Guernsey farmland and straining local infrastructure were a few of the objections to a proposed new housing development in the heart of St Martin’s.

Developing the meaning behind plans

THERE are many similarities between the draft Island Development Plan and the Personal Tax, Benefits and Pensions review. Both are of huge importance and seek to set the agenda for years to come, both are a series of interlocking measures and both are of huge complexity. But it is in how they are received that they share the greatest bond. Both encourage islanders to look at the big picture knowing that most people will choose first to examine how it directly affects them.

Deputies support plans for Green Acres

Photo By Steve Sarrre 28-01-15St Martins Green Acres Hotel up data pic

SUPPORT for the former Green Acres Hotel to be turned into a specialist dementia care home has been given a boost after 21 deputies signalled their backing in a letter to the Environment Department.