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(Picture by Peter Frankland, 18161754)

‘We improvise, adapt and overcome’

Is it right to hail the digital sector as a credible way of diversifying the economy should the worst happen and the island loses the finance industry? Horace Camp isn’t convinced

Land shouldn’t be gifted to developer

Re: Old brewery site and Comprop (C.I.) Limited. Firstly may I point out that I write as a private person, a tax and ratepayer. I have recently had sight of a letters from a firm of advocates and also an architect concerning the above site. I have done some research, got copies of deeds together with the plans that accompany them, seen and bought aerial pictures, and I believe that I have an informed opinion of the proposed landscape improvements. One of the purposes of the douzaine is to stand as a body of people between government and the general public to protect the interests of the people. The States, by ignoring their democratic vote, show disrespect to both entities. I have been informed that Planning have approved the plans and that a lease is in preparation. It has been widely reported that the douzaine was asked firstly, whether they felt that planning permission should be granted for an extension to the land purchased. The douzaine voted against planning permission on the grounds that firstly, it was their sworn duty to protect the interest of ratepayers and residents of St Peter Port and by extension, protect areas of common ownership. Secondly, that it formed a precedent to sell public land without specific permission and an appropriate open planning meeting.

‘We are drowning in housing’


ST SAMPSON’S is ‘drowning in houses’, its senior constable has said, as the Island Development Plan paves the way for more homes to be built there.