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Contamination concerns over abattoir site

Slaughterhouse, slaughter house

INVESTIGATIONS into whether land at the former slaughterhouse is contaminated will be taking place as work gets under way to convert the building into a restaurant and bar.

Building on experience and ideas

SHORTLY after noon today scores of landlords, developers, architects, builders, estate agents and sundry representatives of Guernsey’s property industry will file into St James in a bid to do what deputies could not – or would not – do.

No objections to planning transparency

IN THE long history of Town how many people have said ‘I’ll see you outside Weighbridge House’? Apart from a few developers, architects and planners, probably no one.

Hunt on for new site for donkey statue


A NEW central Town location is being sought for a controversial donkey statue, after hopes of erecting it in the harbour were firmly extinguished by a planning appeal ruling.

Hotels that are left to rot help no one

‘HOPELESSLY aspirational’ is how some have branded Tourism’s vision for the island’s visitor economy, and its ultimate impact on the hotel industry. And while those slamming the department’s bid to tighten restrictions to protect bed stock will have their own agendas, it’s hard to make a case that derelict hotels help anyone.