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Stop whingeing about pavement surfers – most of us are considerate

Re: Guernsey Press articles on Tuesday 9 May 2017, news, page five. A whole page was given over to air the views of the police, a Mrs Nesta Crabb, Kath Leech, unnamed commentators and Deputy Peter Roffey – all of them emphasising the dangers of ‘pavement surfing’. Firstly, in my experience, all of the drivers that I join on Guernsey roads do the natural thing, ‘slow down’, mount the pavement to avoid ‘wide vehicles’ and, yes, there are times where I/we wait for a suitable ‘dip’ in the pavement to re-join the road, but consideration is given.

Police range is a work in progress

I HAVE just been told the following: The area in front of Fort Le Marchant that, in the summer was re-landscaped, ruining the area, so that the police could have a firing range, is, apparently, not able to be used for safety reasons. The cost of this procedure, I am told, was some £750,000, although this might be an exaggeration, building a bank for the marksmen to fire from, etc. The bank was built too high, so, should stray bullets go over the top of the fort and out to sea, they would be a danger to fishermen and pleasure craft.

Traffic laws need to be enforced

WE ALREADY have laws in place to keep law-abiding drivers on Guernsey roads as safe as possible, but the police are not willing to enforce them. Daily I see vehicles on our roads with non-Guernsey number plates. I am aware that if these vehicles are in the island for less than one year they remain legal. The law clearly states if you are planning to stay in Guernsey for more than one year then you must register your vehicle within 14 days. If the police do not enforce this law they are encouraging lawbreaking. Also there have been two recent court cases where the defendants did not have valid driving licences, yet no order was made against them. I know that is not the fault of the police, but a decision of the judiciary. Surely there are more than enough drivers already here or are coming to this island with invalid licences or those who have never even owned a valid driving licence.

Took risks with clients’ money without consent

Martyn Gordon, 44, admitted six counts of fraud. has been sentenced to two years in prison

A ‘RECKLESS risk-taker’ who moved around more than £1m. of other people’s money without their permission and prevented thousands of pounds going to three charities, has been sentenced to two years in prison.