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Commended sergeant ‘just part of a team’


A POLICE sergeant taken hostage by a person with mental health issues who was brandishing kitchen knives and a syringe has been honoured for her actions during the volatile ordeal.

Police charge puts charity into a spin

POLICE argue they are being careful with public money in times of austerity. It is now a common refrain from States departments as charging for public services increasingly becomes the norm.

The next con is around the corner

THE theft of £2.6m. three years ago has shown the island in its best and worst lights. From the embarrassment, ridicule, anger and disbelief that followed Treasury minister Gavin St Pier’s admission in July 2012 that his department had been the victim of a massive fraud to this week’s successful prosecution of two of the conmen it has been a rocky ride.

Fifty in ‘violent’ brawl


NORTH SHOW organisers have condemned a large-scale ‘violent’ brawl that happened outside the gates on Wednesday night which resulted in three people being arrested.