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Waste facility is a toxic bog

DESPITE no rain for some days, this morning I still had to wade through thick, glutinous mud, mixed with who knows what toxic sludge, to dispose of various items for recycling at the island’s principal site at Longue Hougue.

Where do you park a burning car?

DISBELIEF has greeted Public Services’s decision to order a woman whose car caught fire to stump up £1,000 for repairs needed to the tiny section of road upon which it came to a halt.

A hole lot of waste

I SEE today (24 February 2014) that the Vazon coast road is closed in sections for the next five weeks. No problem, I thought, until I saw what was going on. It appears that the road is being ripped up, presumably to be resurfaced at some point. This road is probably the best-surfaced road on the island and is in no way needing any refurbishment. What a complete waste of time and money, not to mention five weeks of inconvenience to drivers. In five weeks, the French could probably build five miles of motorway.