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Charges for emergency care a form of stealth tax

PEEWEE’S excellent cartoon (Guernsey Press, 6 March) highlighted the temerity, and some would say hypocrisy, of the new charges being levied by the department of health for emergency care at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital. The private company that used to run the service (PCCL) was paid a retainer to ensure the Emergency Department was staffed around the clock, but their doctors were not paid by the States for the work they did and as a result patients were expected to pay those fees privately. Patients didn’t have to pay for the nurses or for things like blood tests and bandages because those costs were already covered by general taxation and they didn’t have to pay for specialist care because that was already covered by social insurance contributions.

Pensions ballot due next month

Picture By Peter Frankland. 13-03-15 Martin MacIntyre of Prospect Union.

FINAL arrangements are still to be made by unions before they ballot States employees on the new pensions deal later next month.

HSSD runs ‘lean, mean service’

IT IS nice to read of Andrew Le Page’s complimentary remarks about the presentation of the Chief Officer of HSSD, Dr Carol Tozer (‘HSSD chief impresses with passion and straight-talking’, Open Lines, 4 May). He is not the first observer to be impressed by her presentational skills.

Where does £1.7m. A&E surplus go? – regulator


QUESTIONS have been raised about the transparency of the A&E contract after the regulator could not find out what was happening to an estimated £1.7m. a year surplus for the company running the service.

Health service structure is flawed, claims report

THERE is something ‘deeply amiss’ with the structure of Guernsey’s health service which causes ‘unnecessary costs and a stressful working environment’, the author of a controversial report has said.

Left in limbo after operation cancelled

Christine Koshy, who has been waiting for four months for an operation on her shoulder, was told it has been cancelled because the hospital has no beds. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1337996)

A GRANDMOTHER who has been in agony for four years with a shoulder problem was left distraught yesterday after her operation was cancelled with less than 24 hours' notice.

Health faces States challenge over A&E

HEALTH and Social Services minister Mark Dorey will face a challenge in the States about two independent reports that highlighted potential risks to Accident and Emergency patient safety.