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These are interesting times

Les Granges de Beauvoir Manor was listed as a protected building before its recent magnificent restoration.

As the States looks to sell off some of its notable buildings, Trevor Cooper wonders if they will manage to achieve their asking prices – and whether listing as a protected building is a liability...

Fit for a king – or queen

Delays to the refurbishment of Kensington Palace mean that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be unable to move into Apartment 1A, their official city residence, until the autumn.

As the expected arrival of the latest addition to the royal family draws near, Trevor Cooper considers where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will choose as their child’s first home.

Property still sound long-term investment

Simon Brown, head of private client lending, Investec Bank CM10_

Simon Brown, head of private client lending at Investec Specialist Bank, takes a look at the property lending scene five years after the global crash that was, at least in part, caused by over-aggressive property lending...

Clouds lift over open market

Cheriton House, in Ville au Roi, has been meticulously remodelled in a contemporary fashion.

Following a period of uncertainty for Guernsey's open market properties, the forecast is now for blue skies ahead, writes Trevor Cooper...

Martel Maides in TRP dispute

An auction at Martel Maides' offices. The firm accepts that while this area could be classed as retail, the upper storeys of the building should be regarded as a warehouse.

A DISAGREEMENT over the definition of what constitutes retail activity has led to Martel Maides appealing its TRP valuation.