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Why are we so accepting of planning decisions?

Once every week the Guernsey Press publishes applications made to the Development & Planning Authority. These applications can be for a wide variety of reasons from erecting a wall, transforming a garden to installing new windows or features in a property. These applications are then discussed in meetings by complete strangers who then have the power to approve or reject these applications. This whole process surprises me in two ways: 1. That the general public of Guernsey do not question the methods of this process and just follow the processes that are in place to ask permission from a group of people to make changes to their own property. 2. There is very little published criteria on how applications are accepted or rejected and how the people in charge make these decisions.

Islanders pick up tab for finance industry

LET’S be honest here. Guernsey has major issues. The Open Market prices for houses are going nowhere soon. The UK tax rate falling to 17% by 2020 will not help. And why would you spend three times the price of a UK house to move to Guernsey? And if you have a young family there is little here for them if the weather turns poor, which is most of the winter.

Average house price down £34k

house sale for roffey

PEOPLE selling houses are increasingly having to lower their expectations, with the average price falling again, latest figures have shown.