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Kerbside bit of mixed bag

JUST a few months into the island’s kerbside recycling scheme, it would be unfair to rubbish its success. But with an increase of just 0.4% in the recycling rate, even the most environmentally-friendly of juries must still be well and truly out.

The price of being rubbish with waste

HAVING at times been unhappy with what it sees as this newspaper’s unreasonable focus on how much the new waste strategy will cost islanders, Public Services has decided to take the bull by the horns in its latest consultation.

Plans for kerbside collection of glass

AS THE new kerbside recycling is soon to start, it is noticeable that glass has been excluded but bins are still available at recycling sites. I can understand the reluctance to collect glass kerbside for noise reasons alone but that aside, I believe that no glass is now exported and hasn’t been for a long while.

Waste strategy 'an epic blunder' says deputy

Matt Fallaize

A VALE deputy said Public Services has not entirely persuaded him that the 600% increase in the export waste strategy’s capital costs was ‘anything other than an epic blunder’.