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Can waste strategy still deliver?

GUERNSEY’S waste strategy jumped one hurdle this week with the infrastructure to be built at Longue Hougue given approval at an open planning meeting. Its real test, though, is yet to come. Before October the States Trading Assets board will present its business case to the Policy & Resources Committee. The question they will have to satisfy is whether it still meets the objectives the States approved way back in 2012. Many have already made up their minds that with all the changes since 2012 it is too far removed, while those behind the plans argue they have not changed the strategy, just the way some elements of it are delivered.

Crunch time for waste strategy

GUERNSEY’S waste strategy is entering a make or break phase. Amid recycling figures having fallen, albeit largely because of a downturn in green waste, decisions are set to be made about the future funding of kerbside and the planning application for export and sorting facilities at Longue Hougue. Then in a few months’ time, the business case to get funding to start the building work will go to the States’ most senior committee. It has been a long road, yet there is a political air of uncertainty still about whether the right decision was made last term and whether value for money is being met. Supporters of this strategy, and kerbside, will be cautious after early warnings about the state of Guernsey’s public finances.

Get Longue Hougue ‘right’ and recycling rates may rise

AFTER reading the PSD’s waste prevention and recycling officer’s comments in response to a letter in the Press of 27 November, I am shocked. (Open Lines, ‘New Longue Hougue recycling policy ‘‘farcical’’ in comparison to previous one’). I cannot understand how the recycling officer completely fails to grasp the basic concept of recycling. But I’ll come back to the topic of Longue Hougue in a moment.

Banish food waste is best answer – PSD

Scott Ogier

PUBLIC SERVICES said it was best not to produce food waste in the ‘first place’, when facing questions over the possibility of higher bills after scrapping a key element of its waste strategy.

Kerbside bit of mixed bag

JUST a few months into the island’s kerbside recycling scheme, it would be unfair to rubbish its success. But with an increase of just 0.4% in the recycling rate, even the most environmentally-friendly of juries must still be well and truly out.

The price of being rubbish with waste

HAVING at times been unhappy with what it sees as this newspaper’s unreasonable focus on how much the new waste strategy will cost islanders, Public Services has decided to take the bull by the horns in its latest consultation.