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You cannot just opt out with God

THE headline ‘Churches to opt out of same-sex marriage’, I couldn’t believe what I had just read. How can the churches turn around and say that they are opting out? I didn’t even know there was such an option open to the churches.

Church would have to be consenting

THE belief of John Gollop, chairman of the Parochial and Ecclesiastical Rates Review Committee, that ‘there will be a time when the island will disestablish the Church of England’, is uncharacteristically presumptuous.

Church must be open to change

AS A former member of Perrc and chairman when we presented our carefully prepared policy letter to the previous States Assembly and had it passed, I wish to thank Peter Roffey for so ably voicing his concerns about the possible dilution of the proposals approved then but which may now not be fully reflected as the process of drafting the legislation under the guidance of the new committee nears completion.

Science ‘sect’ is right

I WOULD like to respond to a letter by John Henry, published on 14 April, entitled ‘Evolution is but another faith’.

Churches should pay their way

ON READING an article by Nicola Gibbons printed 11 January concerning church repairs etc., I read the comments reportedly made by Dave Gorvel, who said the current system of management/repairs was appalling and claimed no business would survive if it was run as badly.

Rectors have part to play, says Dean

A LEADING clergyman has claimed that the turmoil engulfing Egypt was an example of why rectors should retain their historic vote to elect Guernsey's jurats.

No place for ID in today’s thinking

AS A practising lawyer and former conseiller, Advocate John Langlois is no stranger to controversy or to putting his head above the parapet. Yet his trusteeship and support for the Guernsey-based Centre of Intelligent Design will have raised many eyebrows.

Sea Service was so stirring

SARK residents and their guests had their annual opportunity to give thanks for those who maintain our lifeline links with the outside world at the Sea Service last Sunday.

Priest ‘a brilliant man’

SERIOUSLY injured trainee priest John Paul Lyttle has been described as ‘a brilliant man’ by a man who helped in his training.

Have faith in women leaders

THERE are many in the lay world who will struggle to understand the principled stance adopted by traditionalists within the Church of England.