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Do what’s good for Guernsey – ignore the rest

WHERE are we going with rules and regulations in Guernsey? Why does it seem to be so hard for our deputies to do what seems to be necessary and obvious to the electors – who suggest what should/could be done when talking to candidates on the doorstep and who these politicians agree with, only to conveniently forget about them once in office. I mean, look, we know more than half of the vehicles on our roads are oversized. We know there are people who could work but don’t and are kept by the States. We know overseas workers are exploited – among the many other things that are not sorted properly. I have a small car, but I don’t see where or why anyone with a big vehicle should be discriminated against by not having spaces large enough to park in. If the States are willing to let oversized vehicles to be sold on the island, then drivers should be free to park anywhere.

Diverted by the state of the roads

PUBLIC Services’ report on charging utilities for digging up roads is packed with statistical delights. Who knew, for example, that despite Jersey being 15 square miles bigger than Guernsey it has almost 100 fewer miles of road?

Salerie move is a sign of progress

IT is hard to believe that despite a shocking tragedy at what is now a notorious island accident spot, some road users are continuing to flout the law.

All sales will be affected

AS A taxpayer and the owner of an independent motor business, I would like to add my comments to the debate.

A wider solution

DEAR Vale deputies I am sure that you will be inundated with parishioners contacting you concerning the new vehicle width/emissions tax. I make no apology for adding to that correspondence.

Cycling push needs to go up a gear

Encouraging more people to cycle is one of the central goals of Environment’s new transport strategy. It has already begun to act by confirming a much-needed review of the seafront cycle path.

Only a ban will drive us from cars

SINCE 1 March I have taken the opportunity, travelling by car round the island, to observe buses and their passengers. Not in the rush hours, before 9am or between 4-6pm – I try to keep off the roads then. Of 80 buses, at random in all parts of the island, 56 were empty, 12 had three or fewer passengers, nine had up to 10 passengers and three appeared to have more than 10 passengers.

School bus gets in a bit of a tight spot

This bus in Candie Road, St Andrew's, found its path blocked by a van, while on the way to pick up school children. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1324680)

WHEN a regular bus met a van travelling in the opposite direction on Candie Road in St Andrews, neither was able to make it through the gap, resulting in backed-up traffic and queues.