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Sark must sort out its own problems

Sark has difficulties that need to be resolved, but it’s shameful that when the island has implemented democratic reform, outsiders should try to undermine its autonomy, says Peter Roffey I’VE been giving a lot of thought to the call from 22 individual Channel Islanders for a Royal Commission-type inquiry into the future of Sark.

22 reasons to look again at Sark’s future

TODAY’S letter by 22 prominent Channel Island residents is an unprecedented and intriguing step. While petitions gathering thousands of names are relatively commonplace and pressure groups regularly form, a small but high-profile collection of supporters urging action on a single topic is uncharted territory.

Guernsey Press n’est pas Charlie

YOUR nasty editorial Opinion of Friday 23 January prompted me to wonder if by any chance the 28 elected conseillers in Sark’s Chief Pleas might just have a better idea of democracy than the editor of Guernsey’s monopoly newspaper.

Can anyone guarantee that the Sark incinerator is safe?

I WAS interested to read Dr Stevenson go on record recently playing down the adverse health effects of the Sark incinerator, particularly in light of him having written to me on 16 October 2014 as follows: ‘Your concerns about the incinerator and its possible link to ill health are far from unreasonable’ and ‘I am far from hostile to your serious questions about the incinerator but have no personal answer to providing an alternative to something which few of us would consider other than profoundly undesirable.’