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Chief Pleas debates aims of Reform Law


REMOVING items that are no longer relevant in the modern age are the aims of the Sark Reform Law, the chairman of its Policy and Performance Committee has said.

Focus on your own affairs, say Sarkees


‘FOCUS on your own affairs’ was the direct message from many Sarkees this week after the recent call by prominent Channel Islanders in Guernsey and Jersey for a major inquiry into the island and its future.

Sark’s future – a few ideas...

Is there any way Sark could work with Herm to offer two-centre holidays? (Picture by Adrian MIller, 12372857)

Stop talking-down Sark, says Peter Roffey. Yes, it has problems, but as a friend of the island he has a few, tentatively-offered suggestions that might help solve some. And a fresh look at tourism seems a good place to start...

Reform Law the root of Sark’s recent problems

TWENTY-TWO high-profile Channel Islanders have pointed out the inconvenient truth that Sark is having problems and are wondering where these come from and whether these problems have built up over a generation or so.