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School speed limits don’t make sense

THE other day, contemplating some of life’s great mysteries (as one does), my mind turned to the subject of speed limits, particularly those near schools and specifically those near my home. Les Baissieres, between the junctions with Pont Vaillant and that with Rue du Friquet, is, by Guernsey standards, quite a straight and wide road but has a limit of 25mph. Pont Vaillant, from the same junction to the one with Verte Rue, is a narrow, twisting road but has a limit of 35mph. If we are trying to teach our young people to make decisions based on reason, logic and common sense, is this a good example of adult thinking to show them as they go to school?

‘Cut school speed to 20’

Baubigny. (0624559) A DEPUTY who successfully fought for lower speed limits around Guernsey schools said more must be done to ensure pedestrian safety.